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Understanding Pear Deck JoinPD – Explore How it Works?

Technology is the main part of all learning systems. With the advancement of digital tools, teachers can now create attractive and better lessons for students to engage them and allow them to participate.

Pear Deck JoinPD is among the best educational tools that have earned huge fame among teachers to convey lessons to provide an immersive experience to students.

This guide will help you explore JoinPD and its working. Also, we will go through the benefits and other features of this tool.

What Is Pear Deck JoinPD?

Pear Deck is an online educational platform that helps teachers create lessons and allows students to engage with interactive lessons. Moreover, Pear Deck allows educators to deliver live presentations to help students actively engage in lessons through their phones, tablets, and laptops. JoinPD is a feature of Pear Deck that helps students join lessons.

How Does Pear Deck JoinPD Work?

Pear Deck JoinPD is the best online tool that works on the simple process. The tool can turn stopped presentations into active learning experiences. The following are steps of how this online tool works:

1. Creation of Interactive Lessons:

Teachers can create engaging and interactive lessons using this online tool. The lessons may be in varieties such as content, slides, videos, questions, and images. So students can get engaged in these lessons to get an immersive experience.

2. Session Initiation:

Once the teacher prepares the lessons, he can start the Pear Deck session by using JoinPD. The feature will create a session code to help students join the session using this code.

3. Student Participation:

Once the teacher shares the code with students, they need to enter this code on their phones or laptops. So they can interact with lessons and content when it is presented.

4. Engagement Tools:

Pear Deck is the best online educational tool that has many built-in engagement tools, such as multiple questions, open questions, and drawing tools. Teachers can use any of these tools to make their presentations active and allow students to participate.

5. Real-Time Feedback:

Once the students start interacting with sessions, they give feedback that is valuable for the teacher to improve their teaching strategy. Also, this helps teachers to check student understanding and adaption in their lessons.

6. Teacher Control:

Teachers can control everything in their lessons. They have the option to share feedback from students, display it on screen, or keep it private. Due to this flexibility, Pear Deck offers the best learning and teaching environment.

7. Post-Lesson Insights:

After the end of sessions, teachers can evaluate the student’s performance. So, it helps teachers to improve their lesson plans for the future.

Key Features of Pear Deck JoinPD

If you are looking to start learning online on this platform, then first, you need to know its key features. Read the below list of features that this learning system provides you. As we know, pear Deck JoinPD is the best tool.

However, there are certain features that set it apart from other learning systems. As per the survey, it comes with many features that help teachers to make an engaging presentation. Read further to learn about each and every prominent feature that makes it stand out on social media.

1. Interactive Slides:

Pear deck allows teachers to make interactive slides with many questions to help students engage with the lesson.

2. Embed Multimedia:

Pear Deck also allows teachers to add multimedia, such as images and videos, in the presentation to enhance content engagement.

3. Formative Assessment:

Using the Pear deck, teachers can assess students’ performance and understanding to adjust the lesson accordingly.

4. Integration with Google Slides:

Pear Deck is the best tool that offers smooth integration with Google Slides that may be accessible to teachers who use Google for education.

5. Student-Paced Mode:

Not only does it help in live sessions, but the Pear deck also helps in student-paced modes that allow students to check lessons and answer questions at their own pace.

6. Accessibility Features:

Pear deck allows easy access with different features such as keyboard navigation, screen reading, and more.

Advantages of Using Pear Deck JoinPD

The following are the benefits of using Pear deck JoinPD:

1. Enhanced Engagement:

Interactive lessons created by teachers can capture the attention of students and keep them engaged during the process.

2. Real-Time Feedback:

Pear deck helps teachers to get feedback from students, so it helps them to adapt the teaching method accordingly.

3. Increased Participation:

Pear deck is not only for teachers; it helps students to take part in every session without hesitating.

4. Data-Driven Instruction:

Teachers can gather all the data of students using Pear Deck to make the right decision and improve their strategies.

5. Inclusivity:

Pear decks come with inclusive designs that help students cover their needs and allow them to participate.

6. Flexibility:

Pear deck is a flexible option that allows in all types of environments, such as face-to-face classrooms and online rooms.

Getting Started with Pear Deck JoinPD

If you want to join Pear deck JoinPD, then you need to follow the given below steps:

1. Sign Up or Log In:

You have to first sign up to create an account, but if you already have, then you need to log in.

2. Create a Lesson:

Using the best tools and designs, teachers can create interactive lessons as per teaching objectives.

3. Enable JoinPD:

Once you create a presentation, you have to enable and allow the JoinPD to produce a session code.

4. Share the Code:

After creating the code, share it with students and allow them to join the session through this code.

5. Start the Session:

Now, you have to start the session by engaging your students in real-time.

6. Review Insights:

Once the session is completed, you can review insights and check student performance to make the right plan for future lessons.


Pear Deck JoinPD is the best tool, with many transformative features that help teachers create sessions to engage with students. The features of this tool are beyond the traditional classroom. So, it is a valuable tool in today’s digital landscape that can help teachers and designers to educate students and learners. This way, both teachers and students can get immersive teaching and learning experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pear Deck JoinPD, and how does it differ from regular Pear Deck?

Pear Deck comes with a JoinPD feature that helps students connect with their teachers through sessions. Also, the feature allows real-time engagement, so it is a better option for many interactive programs.

Is Pear Deck JoinPD compatible with different devices and operating systems?

Yes, Pear Deck JoinPD is the better option to run on different devices, such as laptops, tablets, and phones. Also, it is compatible with different systems and browsers.

Can Pear Deck JoinPD be used for both in-person and remote teaching?

Yes, Pear Deck JoinPD is the better option for both face-to-face and remote teaching that allows students to engage with teachers.

Are there privacy and security measures in place when using Pear Deck JoinPD?

Yes, JoinPD prefers the safety and privacy of users. It provides complete control to teachers to handle sessions and student feedback. It may also allow teachers to keep everything private according to needs.

Can students participate in Pear Deck JoinPD sessions without creating accounts or providing personal information?

Yes, students don’t need to create accounts on Pear Deck to join sessions. They just need to add the session code and access the session.

Q6: What types of interactive elements and question formats are available within Pear Deck JoinPD?

Pear Deck JoinPD comes with different elements, such as multiple questions, open questions, drawing tools, and many more. So it helps teachers and students to get a better experience.


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