MacBook 12in M7

MacBook 12in M7 Expert Review – Specifications and Price

The world of laptops and computers is continuously evolving. Apple is continuously changing its product line of MacBook. Among all others, the MacBook 12-inch M7 is the best, with strong offerings.

This review guide will help you know about this MacBook, its features, pricing, and other benefits. So you will know how this MacBook is the super choice and how it is different from all the previous editions. Let’s explore the features of this latest Macbook in a detailed guide!

What is New in MacBook 12in M7?

The MacBook 12-inch M7 is a lightweight laptop model that was launched in 2015 by the well-known company Apple. The model is the best of all because of its storage, long battery life, and retina display.

Also, the MacBook comes with a core M7 processor that is best for gaming and writing. The processer feels like an iPad that not only enhances efficiency. But the thin body comes with butterfly switches. The laptop has 16 GB RAM, and all the features are premium at a high cost.

The MacBook 12 M7 is a lightweight model compared to the MacBook Pro. The weight is almost 2.03 lbs, so it is easy to carry. Due to its premium features, the laptop is a better option for students, professionals, and teachers.

Features of MacBook 12in M7


Typically, a MacBook 12-inch M7 with a width of 1.2 GHZ comes in the price range of $300-$400. So it is the best option for those who have enough budget. But the misfortune is that the model was discontinued in 2019, and now it is not available in stores. But the fortune is that you may get this model from online shops.

So if you can’t find this model anywhere, then you have many other choices. These include MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

Battery life

The battery life of the MacBook M7 is almost 10 hours, with better performance. Each part of the laptop is covered with a high lifespan. Apple claims the 41.5 Wh ply battery of this model, which can run for 10 hours with internet access. Plus, the battery of this model can run 11 hours for playback. So, the battery can run for 30 days on a single charge.

While users use the laptop for writing, using the internet, and browsing apps. Then, the battery drops 11% in each hour. When you use Netflix, the battery drops 13% each hour. But when you combine the laptop with the CPU, then it can enhance battery life. So it can run for many hours compared to other models.

Poly Li battery is the best way to power the laptop for all-day use. But the bad thing is that the battery starts degrading after some time, so you need to replace it.

Processor and GPU

The MacBook 12 is available with 1.3 GHz core processor M7. The laptop also comes with HD graphics 515 present in the motherboard. The processor of this model is equipped with 8 GB 1866 SDRAM. That is why it is smooth to use.

Better RAM allows to use for many tasks and run many apps. But the best thing is that the laptop’s speed will never slow down. In simple the laptop has enough power to play games and write. Also, you can edit videos with a fast processor, which can reduce heat production.

Screen Size and Resolution

The screen of the MacBook 12 is available with 226-inch pixels and LED backlit with a retina display. The resolution of the screen is almost 2304 x 1440, which can display many colors at a time. Also, the IPS of this system supports 1024×640, 1280×800, and 1440×900 resolution.

Moreover, the laptop comes with an upgraded graphic chip with a large screen. So it can provide a better display with vibrant colors. The glass screen offers a plush look and is scratch-resistant.

Keyboard and Trackpad

The keyboard of MacBook 12 is full size but handy, along with different rows and smooth trackpads. So, it is the better choice for editing and writing work. Also, the keyboard makes the gaming experience smooth and fast.

The keyboard takes little room with a backlit feature and light sensors. Also, the keyboard can sense pressure. However, you have another option, the wireless keyboard, which is more than the size of a traditional keyboard.

A simple, full-size keyboard is the perfect option for gaming, editing, writing, and programming. Also, the wide keys are easy to use while typing work. On the other hand, numeric keys can help in accounting tasks.


The MacBook 12 M7 is available with 256/512 GB flash storage. Due to this fast, reliable, and large upgrade, you can store your important files. Also, the storage speed is almost 947 megabytes in one second.

Memory and Architecture

The model comes with 4 MB level 3 cache and 8 GB 1866 SDRAM, while other models have 8 GB 1600 SDRAM. Also, the architecture of this model is 64-bit.

Operating System

The model comes with an installed 64-bit operating system, but you have the option to upgrade the system. Also, the model comes with many apps such as Maps, News, Mail, Pages, and more. So you can run your daily tasks using these apps. Also, you can visit the Mac store to download other apps such as Google, Spotify, and more.

Other Miscellaneous Features of the 12-inch MacBook


Other features of this model are a 480p camera for the front that makes it a perfect option for video chats and Zoom meetings.


MacBook comes with a stereo system on keyboards, so it offers quality audio. Also, the model has a 3.5 mm microphone that helps to connect with sound devices.


The MacBook also comes with a 4.0 airport, which saves energy and connects instantly. Also, the model has Wi-Fi connectivity.

Charging and ports:

The MacBook comes with charging ports that enhance the speed of the charging to around 2 hours. Also, the port allows the transfer of data at high speed. Moreover, the model uses a USB VGA adapter to offer VGA output and a USB AV adapter to offer HDMI output. You may also get all these accessories separately.


The MacBook 12-inch M7 is a reliable, fast, and versatile laptop. The laptop comes with a retina display and dynamic pixels that produce super-quality media. Also, the laptop has keys and a touch trackpad that offers better writing and gaming experience.

While macOS is streamlined and best to handle all tasks in the app. The MacBook 12 comes with an M7 core processor, and 8-16 GB RAM is the best product. Also, the 10-hour battery life is perfect for all-day use.

The MacBook 12 is the better option in the competitive market. It is because of fine quality, attractive design, and best features. But unfortunately, this laptop is somehow expensive and may not come under many budgets.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the MacBook 12-inch M7 suitable for graphic design and video editing?

Though the MacBook 12-inch M7 is a suitable option for basic graphic designs but not for premium video editing in such cases, the MacBook Pro is the best option.

Can I connect external devices to the MacBook 12-inch M7?

Yes, you can connect other devices, such as a laptop, because it has a USB-C port. While for legacy devices, you need adapters.

Is the MacBook 12-inch M7 ideal for students?

Yes, the MacBook 12 is a small size and offers better performance and results with time, so it is a good option for students.

Can I upgrade the RAM and storage in the MacBook 12-inch M7?

Not at all. MacBook 12 comes with joined RAM and limited storage. So you must choose the configuration according to your needs.

Does the MacBook 12-inch M7 have a touchscreen?

No, MacBook doesn’t come with a touchscreen.

What’s the warranty for the MacBook 12-inch M7, and is extended coverage available?

Typically, the warranty period is around one year. While for more support and protection, you can buy Apple Care+ coverage.


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