50-Inch TV Dimensions

What to Know About 50-Inch TV Dimensions?

Television or TV has long been in the market, but with time, it has undergone various advancements. One of the major advancements in TV is screen size.

Many types of TVs are famous among home entertainers, but the 50-inch TV is the sweetest spot for many consumers. Almost 70% of people have already bought this wide 50-inch TV screen for their working spaces or for playing.

This guide will help you determine the dimensions of 50 50-inch TV. Also, we will discuss how this TV can fit in your space and give a better viewing experience.

Understanding the Basics: TV Screen Size vs. Dimensions

Everyone is aware of the latest high-quality 5-inch TV screen. Just like Sony, many other brands manufacture the wide 50-inch screen high-resolution TV because most people desire to have this in their living spaces

. You can even find out many other popular brands who are offering this TV screen in different dimensional and screen quality. Before we start exploring the features such as the dimension of 50 inch TV, we discuss both terms, screen size, and TV dimensions:

Screen Size:

It is the diagonal measurement of the display panel that is commonly measured in inches. So, a 50-inch TV has a span of 50 inches from one corner to another.

TV Dimensions:

This refers to the physical size of the TV, such as the frame or bezel. Commonly, TV dimensions cover the depth, height, and width of the television.

50-Inch TV Dimensions: What to Expect

As we know, a 50-inch TV dimension screen comes in many heights and widths. The 50-inch TV comes with various dimensions according to manufacturer and model. But we are going to discuss some approximate measurements for 50 inch TV:


A 50-inch TV comes with 44-45 inches width, which is equal to 112-114 cm. The measurement covers the bezel around the screen.


A 50-inch TV comes with 25-28 inches height, which is equal to 64-71 cm. The measurement covers the bezel around the screen.


A 50-inch TV comes with 2.5-3.5 inches depth, which is equal to 6-9 cm. The depth may vary whether the TV is thin or thick with extra speakers.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a 50-inch TV:

After understanding the terms, dimensions, and screen size along with approximate depth, width, and height, it is time to explore things that you have to consider before buying a 50-inch TV:

Room Size:

Make sure to check the dimensions of your room where you want to place the TV. Ensure that the TV will fit perfectly and will not overwhelm the place.

Viewing Distance:

The viewing distance also matters a lot, which may vary based on screen size. In the case of 50 inch TV, the viewing distance should be 6.25 to 10.4 feet. This way, you can get a balanced and comfortable viewing experience.

Mounting or Placement:

Determine the place where you want to mount the TV, whether it is the wall or the stand. Make sure to check the dimensions of the TV and match it with the setup.

Bezel Size:

Keep in mind that bezel size is different in all TV models. Some people want thin and minimal bezels, while some want large frames.

Features and Connectivity:

Make sure to check the complete dimensions of the TV along with features such as Smart capability and input ports.


In the TV world, many things matter, such as size and dimension. These are not the factors that need consideration. At the same time, the right dimension and size of the TV can improve the viewing experience and fit the TV in the right place.

A 50-inch TV is the right option that keeps a balance between a better viewing experience and placement. So when you are buying this TV, make sure to check screen size and dimensions. Also, ensure that both meet your entertainment needs and go better with the home aesthetic.

So you can get a cinematic view and enjoy your favorite shows, movies, dramas, and other entertaining programs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the ideal viewing distance for a 50-inch TV?

The perfect distance to view 50 50-inch TV is almost 6.25-10.4 feet. Maintaining the viewing distance can offer you a comfortable and better experience.

Are the dimensions of a 50-inch TV including the stand or just the screen?

Commonly, 50-inch TVs come up with physical sizes such as frames and bezels. So, if you have to use the stand, you need to measure its dimensions alone.

Can I mount a 50-inch TV on any wall?

Yes, you have the option to mount a 50-inch TV on any of your home walls. But make sure that the wall supports the TV’s weight. Also, you need to use the right mounting hardware and, if possible, ask the professional for the mounting process.

Do all 50-inch TVs have the same dimensions?

Not at all. The dimension of 50 50-inch TV varies according to manufacturer and model. So make sure to check the dimensions to find the best-fitted TV.

How does the depth of a 50-inch TV affect its placement and aesthetics?

The 50-inch TV comes with different depths. Commonly thin models are perfect for wall mounting because of their sleek appearance. At the same time, thick models may need better speakers. So make sure to check the depth of the TV and placement area along with the aesthetic.

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