Manipulative Boyfriend Signs

Manipulative Boyfriend Signs – What should you do?

You might be searching for the manipulative boyfriend signs. So, read this complete post to know about manipulative boyfriend signs in detail.

In a relationship you always unable to identify that your boyfriend is manipulating you. But you do know is your significant other or boyfriend is causing you to feel a certain way. This article will help out o identify either your boyfriend is manipulating you or not.

There are several manipulating boyfriend signs like making guilty you every time, playing some emotional games, he does not effort to change himself, allegations, the difference between words, and his actions, forcing for physical relations, getting angry when you talk about marriage, manipulators are always liars, they never apologize to you even on their fault. By noticing all of these signs you can identify is he a manipulative person or not?

Being in a relationship with a manipulating person can be very difficult because your boyfriend is used to do things that serve them better, things that make them feel happy they do not care/worry about you. You probably notice in that type of relationship your boyfriend acts like, he cares about you by doing things that feel you better but in the end, these things actually fulfill their own selfish purposes. Another crazy fact that manipulative people do not interest in you instead of that they use you to get what they want to achieve.

So he can be pretty sweet at times, try to be charming to get his way. But he also gets very aggressive at the time and blames you for all the mess. He does not think that he does the wrong thing but yes, he always blames you and points a finger on you. This is a really harsh and honest fact that what a manipulative person does.

“He’s playing every bit as hard as I am, only he knows what he’s doing and I don’t. Don’t blame me because he’s a better manipulator than I am – I haven’t been around long enough to learn all his tricks.”

Stephenie Meyer

People are always master in manipulation; you can’t realize that they are cheating on you. A person manipulating is ever skilled in his work. he learns and performs each move with complete planning to control your behavior/emotions. And if you are dating a manipulative person, then you are probably the last person to know about it. he can become a victim by portraying you feel guilty

With all this mess into your relationship, at some time you gonna feel like it is your fault. Such confusing emotions into the relationship force you to think that what is going on with your boyfriend. So, you should notice the following manipulative boyfriend signs to counter his behaviors to save your relationship or your life.

List of Some Manipulative Boyfriend Signs trying to explain the most common manipulative boyfriend signs. But before discussing these signs make sure you watch out this short video in which “Kristin ” from how beautifully describe the manipulative person in the relationship. Make sure you watch the video till the end.

Source: Kristin Coaching

Making Guilty

If a person is a manipulator, then they are best at blaming others for their own mistakes because they think they will not be wrong. What does it mean? If I never do anything wrong but I am in a relationship with you, well what I am really saying is you are the one who is doing something wrong, its all your fault. he will always stand you of charge, something that he forgot; it was you who could not remember. And is your boyfriend is late for a date, then it is always you who told him the wrong time or even you could be early, but he can’t be late? Before realizing what just happened, it was you who did that. A person manipulating you by emotions will never be guilty, and he will never admit it no matter what circumstances are. Instead, he always tries to make you guilty even on his own fault.

Emotional Games

Your manipulative partner really tends to play with your emotional sensitivity. He knows what triggers you the most, what hurts you badly, and what will make you sad, angry, and emotional. So, he cuts deep into that core, it feels awful and he knows what he is doing. He does this because he knows if he digs deep into your emotion he will win. The manipulator can destroy the thing that you love most, they can ruin the thing that is dearest to you, and the purpose of it is to make you feel sad. It’s just a way of controlling you. If something like this happens to you, always be sure that you are being manipulated by your boyfriend or person you love the most.

“Never play with the feelings of others, because you may win the game but the risk is that you will surely lose the person for a life time.”


He does not effort to change himself

Most of the time when you try to talk to him on his insane behavior, or the relationship going to the end, you often notice he starts saying that I will change, I won’t do this next time, please, I love you, I cannot live without you, you are my life and, etc. Because your manipulating boyfriend wants to stay in a relationship with you but without changing himself. He says such things but he actually does not effort to change himself. At the moment he might change his behavior towards you but a few days later he says, he did exactly the same things that he has done a few days back. Hense your relationship goes again to the zero marks and nothing has changed. So if your boyfriend does such things to your make sure you realize this is a vital manipulating boyfriend sign.


Again nothing that he does is wrong, he can’t take personal responsibility. So, everything wrong in their life, every negative feeling, any negative interaction that happens into his life is someone else fault, Usually, you are the one who is responsible for all this mess. Because you are the easiest and safest person to blame. The main goal of the allegation by the boyfriend is to provoke the discussion, which gives a chance to manipulator to portray as a victim and making you think that you are wrong. So each time you notice this habit repeatedly, you should know that your boyfriend is manipulating you.

Forcing for Physical Relations

A manipulative boyfriend always tries to use you for his satisfaction or to achieve his goals in a relationship. Physical relation is one of the pretty important subjects in a healthy relationship. A manipulative boyfriend always forces you for physical interaction so they can again use you to get their sexual satisfaction. If you agree or not he still forces you to do, because he always cares about himself and does not care you or your feelings. So, when your boyfriend does not care about your mood or your feelings while physical relations, the red flag should be raised then.

“Emotional intimacy is most meaningful and profoundly felt when we share our true selves with our partner and when we create a loving space for our partner to do the same.”

Elaina Marie

Getting Angry when you talk about Marriage

In our society, marriages are the signs of long term commitments instead of temporary relationships like (girlfriend/boyfriend). In most of the cases of true love, couples rush towards marriages and long term relationships instead of short term commitments. So, if you talk about marriage with your boyfriend and he becomes angry than it can be a clear sign that your boyfriend is manipulative.

Actions can’t match words

The most highlighted sign of a manipulative boyfriend is what he says to you and what he does is completely different. The emotional manipulator uses the best of their tongue to control and handle you in his own way.
They will always use complimentary words, and they have the ability to false promise you to gain your trust, but they never have any objection to keeping them. Like, he often says, ” I Love you so much, you are my world, I can not even think to live without you” and very next moment when he is angry he starts saying ” You are nothing, I hate you, I do not even know why I am with you, why I am in this relationship, you are stupid or edit and etc.”

In short, what he says and what he does are completely different and this can be such a heartbreaking relationship/situation to be in.

Encourage Jealousy

To provoke and blind you the manipulator knows the best that he can harm you with jealousy by suspicion. He can convince you to do everything he likes. The behavior of flirting the other girls in front of you or differentiating you with other persons may display in your boyfriend.

Making the Manipulated to Hurry

The person who is being manipulated is always rushed to hurry by her manipulator boyfriend. He will never allow you to take your time in making a decision and pick the right and wise point.

Changing your Thoughts

The emotional manipulator is wise at twisting and choosing words, and he will make you believe that you are the one who is negotiating.

Manipulators are Liars

The manipulator has a habit of lying in their daily routine. They can and will lie about the things that do not even matter, the things that re very exceptional and small in detail. They sometimes lie partly to judge that, and you will believe them or not. Because they always tell lies that make their daily routine to invent the stories and things due to make you feel instead of being honest.

“Be bad, but at least don’t be a liar, a deceiver!”

Leo Tolstoy

In the succeeding lines, we enlisted the most helpful things that you can read and find that if you are being manipulated.

  • They separate your friends and your family form you.
  • To upset at your boyfriend is not allowed rather than knowing the reason for your anger
  • When your boyfriend wants to control you and your timing and the things that you do on the daily routine.

To get negative

  • Comments from anything that you tell them.
  • You are using your gift as a base for the arguments.
  • Making you think that you’re always mistaken and everything is your fault.
  • Tries to putt down you in-front of other peoples, and if your boyfriend is skilled, they can even make other people do the same thing to you.
  • Take everything in their control like financially and other stuff.
  • Makes you feel bad for your feeling, and do not like the way you behave or like and show your true feelings.
  • When they try to make you depend on them

They never apologize

When your partner does not acknowledge you and always have reasons to make you feel that you are the reason behind that and they never apologize, even for their faults. And is there is the uneven exchange, and then it is another sign of manipulation. They also try to isolate you from your supporting system. And after they cut you off from your friends and family, they leave you only for themselves. By dating a manipulative person, there is a massive amount of energy sucks, and it will also drain your confidence with the peace and happiness of your mind if you allow your boyfriend to play with you.

Our Conclusion about the Signs of Manipulative Boyfriend

So, we have discussed manipulative boyfriend signs in detail. If you are in such a relationship with someone than these points can be important for you. You should be well aware with signs like, your boyfriend always making you guilty, he loves to plat emotional games, allegation/blames you for every fault, forcing you for a physical relationship, his words and actions can’t be same, he always a liar, he never apologies even on his own mistakes he always blames you for his faults, to know that your boyfriend is manipulating or not.

I hope, after reading these points you can identify the unnatural or fake relationships around you. Also, don’t miss reading about the signs your husband is having an affair.

If you find this guide helpful or you have any suggestions, feel free to send you feedback through the commenting form below. We will appreciate your effort. Thank you for your precious time.

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