• My Husband Anger is Ruining Our Marriage

    My Husband’s Anger is Ruining Our Marriage

    When people get married, they are fully excited and hopeful for their future life. But sometimes that hope and excitement get disappointed if things go differently. Once you found that you married to an angry husband. And if you think that If the angriness of your husband will ruin your Marriage, then you should keep reading.

  • Funny Advice About Marriage

    Funny Advice About Marriage

    People usually think that along with wedding bells, the bells of their responsibilities also ring. Not to lie, they are not wrong. But they aren’t right either. It is always up to you how you want to perceive matters. So, when you are being judgmental about marriages, maybe you need to rethink the way you look at them.

Relationship Tips

  • Best Relationship Advice by Psychologist James Bauer

    Best Relationship Advice by Psychologist James Bauer

    Best Relationship Advice by “Psychologist James Bauer” The best relationship advice is one that makes two people love with passion. However, relationship advice can be different according to the person. Every mind in the world is different. Something important to you may not feel as important to other people. So, it is difficult to gift […]

  • How Long Do Rebound Relationships Last for Men

    How Long Do Rebound Relationships Last for Men

    How Long Do Rebound Relationships Last for Men? A Detailed Informative Guide Initiating and holding a broken heart You have met someone. He tells you that he just came out of a painful breakup. At first, everything seems great. One is helpless and needs affection and the other assumes the heroic role of rescuing and […]

  • Reasons Why a Relationship Fails

    Reasons Why a Relationship Fails

    Four Reasons Why a Relationship Fails A Detailed Informative Guide A couple of relationships is something wonderful but at the same time very difficult to carry, since the factors that come into play, both internal and external, are very high. Balance is important and is not always achieved. Currently, nearly forty percent of marriages end […]


  • Negative Effects of Divorce on Children

    Negative Effects of Divorce on Children

    With passing time, the divorce ratio is increasing. There is a massive shift in the worldwide rate of divorce within the last decade. Couples now don’t get legally bound, and they file divorced against each other. This separation can become highly problematic for their children. Children become depressed, introverted, and they start having problems in socializing.

  • Most Common Reasons for Divorce

    Signs your Husband Wants a Divorce

    Marriages are very sensitive relations, and the bond, very fragile. All around the world, where there are plenty of examples of successful marriages, failed marriages with divorce aren’t rare either. In most cases, it becomes hard to tell when your husband wants a divorce. He will give you signs, some evident, others are hidden, but the message will be there; “I won’t divorce.”

Relationship Signs

  • Manipulative Boyfriend Signs

    Manipulative Boyfriend Signs

    According to relation advisors, false accusations, forcing insecurities, criticizing small things, getting angry when you talk about marriage, forcing for physical relations, lack of trust, questioning our sanity and playing emotional games are some clear signs of a manipulative boyfriend. We will also discuss some other factors in detail as well. So, stay tuned.

  • Signs of Commitment Issues

    Signs of Commitment Issues

    Commitment is basically when one person commits to another for being together. Both individuals who have made a commitment to each other have a certain impact as well as control on each other’s life. Issues arise when both, or even one person in a relationship lack understanding or are not ready to accept the other person as a partner.

  • Warning Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

    Warning Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

    Relationships are what help us keep going in this world. Human beings are created by GOD to help each other grow and survive. We not only rely on each other, but it is also safe to say that no man can live an isolated life. This is because we share everything. Grief, happiness, love, hate, tears, joy all are made significant when shared with a partner.

Social Media & Relationship

  • How Social Media Affects Relationships

    How Social Media Affects Relationships

    Social networks are already an indispensable pillar in our lives. The Internet has changed not only the way we communicate with others but also the way we live our relationships. They can be useful to show our affection to the people we love, and even keep in touch with them. However, they can also lead to more than one problem.

  • positive-effects-of-social-media-points

    Some Positive Effects of Social Media

    Do you think that social media has changed our lives in positive ways or are there any positive effects of social media? Yes, without any doubt social media has caused many positive effects on our lives too. Our society has also seen some severe negative effects of social media but let us discuss its positive factors too.