Why Bipolar Relationships Fail

What is bipolar disorder? Why Bipolar Relationships Fail?

Wrongly, people refer to changes in their opinions, thoughts, or feelings as traits of bipolarity. In other words, it is believed that being happy one day and the other sad is “being bipolar”; this is not the case: in order to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder, a series of diagnostic criteria must be met. Statistics tell us that only 0.5 – 1.6% of the general population comply (Ministry of Health, Social Services, and Equality, 2012).

There are numerous reasons why bipolar relationships fail like, constant fighting in a relationship, lack of money for medication, lack of intimacy, the difference in raising children’s method, and bipolar relationship fatigue. All of these are the most common reasons ofbipolar relationships failure. We will also have some discussion about bipolar disorder and what can you do to continue your relationship with a bipolar person? So, stay tuned.

What do we know about bipolar disorder and affective relationships?

Relationships with a person who has bipolar disorder are complicated, although when a person has control on a disorder and feels stable, it is possible to have a 100% normalized life. Therefore, it has been noted that a bipolar person falls in love with any person just like other people do unless they are in a phase of mania in which the state of mind is so euphoric and positive that it confuses feelings.

Therefore, at a broader aspect falling in love and proceeding the relationship with love and romance is just like the same as other people do, with the caution of not starting romantic relationships in phases of euphoric mood.

Likewise, when a bipolar disorder is considered and affective relationships, instability in feelings comes to mind. And this is the feeling of having a bipolar partner, it is very likely that we think of a chaotic and changing type of relationship.

Nothing is far from reality: today, with psychiatric medication to stabilize mood, psychological therapy, and monitoring, the person is trained to maintain a stable relationship. The relationship will have ups and downs, and perhaps deeper and more severe than those of another couple. The important thing will be the management that the couple and the environment make of them.

5 Reasons Why Bipolar Relationships Fail

It is noticed that be in a relationship with a bipolar person is quite difficult and most often observed failing of a relationship. So it is very important to keep your relationship with your bipolar significant other. But without having proper knowledge about why bipolar relationships fail you cannot save it. Following we will discuss the top most common reasons why do bipolar relationships fail?

We recommend watching the following video till the end before continuing further to have a better understanding with why bipolar relationships fail . In the following video “Bipolar Relationships” has beautiful describe the top reasons why bipolar relationships fail. So, make sure to watch the video till the end to learn common and most addressed reasons.

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Constant Fighting in a Relationship

This is the most consistent and foremost reason why bipolar relationships fail. The reason why this ton of fighting is one of the people is bipolar doesn’t really understand its behavioral condition, he/she does not have all the tools to cope with this situation. On the other hand, a spouse or significant other is also confused and does know what the hell is going on, why their spouse is acting/behaving like this, and as a result, he/she also drop its temper too. This is the common recipe of this ton of fighting in a bipolar relationship.

Lack of Money for Medication

The second most common cause of bipolar relationships fail is lack of money and increasing bills of bipolar medication. It most often when you don’t have insurance, then your bipolar spouse medication really gets expensive. The rising medical cost can become the problem when your soups are bearing the cost of medication and a bipolar person still fight and keep its rough attitude towards its significant other can create a mental turmoil especially when they do not have money to spend on bipolar medication. Do they start thinking when this will end? So yes the lack of many and increasing bipolar medication costs can lead to end your bipolar relationship.

Lack of Intimacy

As I have mentioned above that being relationship with a bipolar person is not a piece of cake. Lack of intimacy is also a common issue we observe in a bipolar relationship. Back to the above reasons when you constantly fighting and lack of money to meet the expenses, because of this, the chances are pretty high that you will not be in the mood of meeting up with your partner. This frustration and stress will ruin your relationship with your bipolar love one. Intimacy creates strong bonding into the relationship and when the couple lacks. It definitely will hurt your relationship.

Raising Children Conflict

Due to the tough life with your bipolar significant other, fighting, frustration, and all of such stuff resulted in stress your raising child method. Because of this tens home environment, children also start reacting harshly which disturbs the situation even worse. So yes this is another factor that leads to failing your bipolar relationship.

Bipolar Relationship Fatigue

This reason why a bipolar relationship fails is a sum up of all of the above-mentioned reasons. Because, after spent years with your bipolar partner you probably got tired to be in such a tough relationship. Take care of your bipolar partner is a great responsibility that brings a lot of stress, frustration, and required tons of energy to keep on with the track. The bipolar relationship is not like a normal relationship, where two like-minded people are in a relationship. You have to be more engaging to keep your relationship continue.

Reasons Why Bipolar Relationships Fail

It is human nature that he/she wants to have relaxation into his/her life and when they lack it, they start finding it in another way. So, yeah relationship fatigue is real and can emerge after all of these tough life hurdles/situations.

What can you do if you are in relationship with bipolar person?

Why Bipolar Relationships Fail - What can you do if you are in relationship with bipolar person

Although a controlled if it does not bring big problems, it is necessary to know how to handle the bipolar disorder and the affective relations properly. There are assured tips/aspects to keep in mind. First of all, within a relationship with a bipolar person involves knowing this mental illness very well. Both sides of the relationship need to know what happens, how it manifests, and what to do during a crisis. For example, a bipolar partner needs to know the signs that can anticipate an episode of mania or depression.

The symptoms of bipolar disorder can often affect interpersonal relationships. The sudden changes in mood states are often incomprehensible to those who are not bipolar. However, this is not an impediment to maintaining a couple of relationships.

Considering the main and more general characteristics of people with this disorder, in the following article, we give you 5 tips to consider in a relationship with bipolar people.

Be Understanding

Be Understanding - Why Bipolar Relationships Fail
First of all, it is important to have patience, especially with the emotional episodes that the person with bipolar disorder may be going through. It is important to understand and know when your partner is going through a manic or depressive episode and to know what their main mood changes are going to be in those instances.

Many times it seems difficult to go through such sudden changes in mood, but understanding is essential for the relationship to work in the best possible way.

Keep a Positive Attitude

Keep a Positive Attitude - Why Bipolar Relationships Fail
The transition from euphoria to sadness can occur in seconds in people with bipolar disorder, more if there is no treatment to help control these episodes. This is why it is important to maintain a calm, stress-free environment.

Maintaining a positive attitude in any situation is ideal and helping create fun moments can help with this. Find a hobby that you and your partner enjoy and make it a part of their lives, but beware of those who can be very tense, such as those involving skills.

The good side of things

The importance of the communication

The importance of the communication - Why Bipolar Relationships Fail
Communication, as in all relationships, is elementary. If there are unresolved issues in the couple, such as discomfort due to a specific event, these may trigger a bigger problem in a depressive episode. That is why it is key to make all things clear at the same moment that they occur.

Ask your partner if he feels upset and why, many times it happens that people without bipolar disorder feel guilty about some reaction from their partner, but it is common that this is due to a mood episode. So it is important to talk about how your partner acts during an episode to know how you can react.

What to do in a crisis?

In critical episodes, it is essential to accompany your partner, but be careful, always respecting their spaces. Many times couples of people with bipolar disorder think that anger was caused by their fault and it is not necessarily so.

Maintaining tranquility and respecting spaces is key, especially in depressive episodes where people with bipolar disorder generally want to be alone.

Your Emotional Health Can also Be Affected

Partner relationships with people with bipolar disorder can sound difficult. Living on a roller coaster of emotions will become part of your life and with it many times you tend to pay 100% of attention to your partner. It is important to understand that both people must feel good for the relationship to work well.
Support networks can help release your concerns. Having a relationship with a person with bipolar disorder can be demanding, so talking to other people about your emotions can benefit you and contribute to your good emotional health.
Being the partner of a person with bipolar disorder can sound difficult. By following these basic steps you can better understand the situation. Staying informed, knowing the symptoms, the precautions are essential

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