20+ Proven Ways to Motivate Employees and Increase Productivity

20+ Proven Ways to Motivate Employees and Increase Productivity


Many people ask us that how can employees be motivated in a workplace? What are the ways to motivate your employee and increase productivity? So, let us explain these topics with some facts and figures. Employees are the pillars of every company. To grow your company in this era of competition is not a one-man show. You would need some motivated, sincere and hardworking employees.

Leader, founders, and owner of the companies frequently ask that how can employees be motivated in at the workplace? Here are 20 golden and solid tips by which you can motivate your employee. By following these best practices, you can increase the motivation of your employee along with organizational productivity of your company. Before discussing these points, let us clear one more query that why motivational staff is necessary for an organization?


Another serious question is that why do you need to motivate an employee or what are the benefits of motivating an employee? The answer is quite simple. This is mandatory to have a team of motivated employees so that you can increase organizational productivity of your company. Another main reason is that in this era of competition you should have a team of capable, motivated and hardworking employees. Some benefits of having motivated employees are

  1. Increased Organizational Productivity
  2. Best Work Output and Employee Relationship Management 
  3. Positive repute of your company
how can employees be motivated in a workplace

Proven Ways to Motivate Employee and Increase Productivity

Do you want to know how can employees be motivated in the workplace? Here are the best and proven ways to motivate your employee and increase productivity.


    Most of the companies want to motivate their employee because they want to increase their productivity. We usually listen that money makes the mare go. It is true in every case especially when it is concerned with the employee of your company. This is the most important factor which can motivate an employee positively. Every company has its own rules and regulation like some companies offer an increment after a year and some after 6 months. Whatever the figure is 6 months or 1 year but you must increase the salaries of your employee at the promised time to keep them motivated and sincere with your company.


    The second most important thing that an employee expects from a company is seat promotion. i.e. Manager to Senior Manager. It’s always encouraged to promote the efficient employee annually or after 6 months (as decided) for motivation and appreciation.


    Another factor that is associated with the motivation of an employee is empowerment. Being a leader of a company, you should empower the employee completely. You should fully trust them (not blindly). Let them work in a way they love and want to do that work instead of any enforcement.

proven ways to motivate employee and increase productivity

    If you want to grow your company, then you should clearly understand the difference between a leader and a boss. It’s really simple that be a leader, not a boss. Try not to show them as you are the supervisor so you have the right to misconduct. Just show them the right direction and lead them bit flexible.


    For an employee, communication with the owner or senior management of the company is very important to get confusions overcome. You can communicate with your employee frequently. Ask them questions related to work along with some general questions that they love to answer. i.e. Current economic situation of your company.


    Other than the increase in salary, try to provide some extra bonuses on impressive work according to the resources of your company. Also offer some extra incentives like Health Care, Annual leaves etc. to motivate them in a positive manner. It will help them understand you are concerned with them not only officially but to some extent personally.


    Every task has some expected deadlines and closing dates but do not push any extra pressure of deadlines on your employees. Like we generally see that some employees are assigned a target of completing 50 insurances and in case of failure, they could be fired. This type of mindset could be destructive for your company. Be flexible and consider them humans as it is not always possible to do what you have decided.


    It’s a best practice to motivate each employee separately instead of motivating him in a group or team. You should call them one by one in your room and motivate them separately. This will definitely give you some better results and it also increases the self-confidence of your employee as he will start thinking that you notice him and never forget to appreciate him.


    Being a leader of your company or any organization, it should be your foremost priority to be transparent and fair with everyone. It is usually seen that female workers are given more importance than the male workers, in some cases, it is not a good practice for a company.


Need More Ways to Motivate Employees and Increase Productivity?

Still looking for some best ways to motivate employee and increase productivity? Here are some other methods to motivate employees and increase productivity.

  • Let them know you are Thinking for them:

    It is extremely important for any management to provide an atmosphere of complete ease for a worker by pretending as the owner is much caring about him. The owner should give him some remarks that can encourage him to think as the boss is thinking for him. In this regard, a little extra pampering would go great i.e. a boss can use a sentence: “I am not going to assign you any new task as I remember l have ready assigned you a complex task 2 days before so you will be burdened which I don’t want.” These types of sentences would make your employee think that you are much concerned with him.

ways to motivate employee
  • Give them a Chance to Prove Themselves: 

    It is seen almost everywhere that sometimes there is a lack in using the abilities of an employee. A boss should try to give his employee some options to select himself what he can do best. And then positively buck him up by saying that I expect you are going to nail this task and I know you can do it very speedily. Then give him sufficient time to complete and make him comfortable. It often seems that the boss gives one task after other without letting the employee complete previous tasks which makes him uneasy. He doesn’t let the worker complete previously assigned tasks it can make him overburdened then the boss shows anger so it ruins the employee’s state of mind. It also creates boredom then employee immediately thinks of changing his job.

  • Have a flexible Attitude: 

    You must listen to what your employee suggests you. It is much important to have flexibility in your behavior. A boss shouldn’t force his employee to do as he said. Sometimes it is beneficial to give importance to your worker’s opinion. There should be rights for an employee to share what he thinks will go better for the company and trust me that opinion really works a lot as sometimes your employee can understand things better than you as he is directly dealing with some sort of problems or issues regarding work. So, it is necessary to listen to what a worker says and consider it if it is possible.

  • Set Major and Minor Goals: 

    Management should set major and minor goals separately. A worker should be clear earlier what is the aim of the provided task.

  • Set a purpose for your employee: 

    Every individual has some special qualities. It is the efficient management who first understand the hidden capabilities and then assign the work to the different workers. A company must recognize the comfort zone of its employees then assign different projects. It is as similar to as a doctor and a lawyer both are sensible but they can’t perform each other’s duty. Similarly, a company must understand rather notice who is efficient in leadership and who is efficient in other departments. They should be settled according to their mental capabilities.

  • Maintain Work-life Balance for Them: 

    If you want a positive output from your employee then you must maintain their work and life balance. i.e. if a worker is asking for an urgent leave to take his mother to the hospital, it should be given to him immediately as his family is as important as yours. This leaves a great impact if you understand his problems and helps him at the time of need. This also will motivate him to give his best when a company needs him.

  • Let them Lead from the Front: 

    To motivate your employee, ask him to lead from the front. Tell him to learn from his mistakes openly instead of hiding. Always ask him not to pull other’s leg and never feel the shame of asking and consulting with the management.

  • Appreciate them on Good Work: 

    Motivation leads to its peak when you appreciate your employee on good work. Appreciation is the most powerful weapon in molding one’s behavior according to your will. It brings more energy and strength in them.

  • Don’t Discourage them in Case of Failure: 

    Discouraging attitude can be a great disappointment for your workers and it can easily down the morale of the workers. It seems that sometimes the company deducts an amount from their salary as a punishment if the workers couldn’t perform well according to the expectations of the management. This should be kept in mind that workers are human beings they can also commit mistakes so a flexible attitude should have opted. A boss should understand that it is more disappointing for a worker himself that he couldn’t perform as he decided with the company, a boss should not add fuel to fire and encourage the worker to do better next time. This makes the employee develop a soft corner for the company as it remained supportive with him through all thick and thin.

  • Motivational Lectures at least once a Month: 

    Motivational lectures can play a wide role in terms of motivating the employees. A company should organize lectures that can help the workers in finding solutions to their problems it is also to motivate the lazy employees. For this, some trained resource persons of different well-known companies can also be invited to share their experience as well.

  • Take Steps to Reduce Professional Jealousy: 

    Professional jealousy is seen always in every organization. People try to pull down other smart workers who can give them a tough time. Here, the company should take steps to avoid letting this situation into existence. A company should strictly tell the workers that this type of activity will never be tolerated.

  • Promote Teamwork: 

    Teamwork should be encouragingly promoted. A company should give tasks, making groups. Their performance would be doubled if tasks are given them in groups or a team. It will also develop the interaction between different colleagues. Everyone will try to perform better than other team workers. And this is exactly what a company wants.

  • Tell them you are the Best: 

    Having trust in your employee is very important but if you show this trust to him, gives a fantastic output. We see surprising effects of saying a weaker employee, “I know you are the best and you can definitely do this”. When a person hears such remarks and sees the trust for him in one’s face, he tries 10 times more than he usually does. This can also be called the key to getting the maximum out of an employee.

  • Healthy/Refreshing Activity Organized by Company: 

    The company must organize some healthy activities for the workers i.e. sports function or birthday celebration or may be different festivals. A monthly dinner or a tea party by a company can also be effective. This refreshes the mind of a person and makes the workers free of their boring routine.

  • In-house Training by Professionals: 

    Time to time training should be given to the employees whenever they needed. For this, some experienced professionals can be called by the company. An answer question session would be highly effective between the professionals and the workers.it gives the employees new dimensions to think and explore for the betterment of the company. It raises the intelligence of the staff.

  • Especial Comfortable Environment for Female Workers: 

    This can be the most important part of this content. The fame and progress are the musts for the company where there is a comfortable and secure environment is provided for the female workers. Female workers try to get into a company where they feel their respect is secured and they give their best if they find such a desired environment. A company should give them extra advantages i.e. they should not be asked to sit and do overtime work, they should be allowed to leave the office at the mentioned and decided time, they should be allowed to go home whenever they ask to go for handling any hard situation related to their family, etc. Female workers can do better than you think if they are provided an environment without teasing their male colleagues.

Conclusion About Ways to Motivate Employee and Increase Productivity:

So, we have seen some proven ways to motivate employees and increase productivity. By following the above-mentioned best practices, you can motivate your employees along with an increase in productivity.


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