Twitter Become Slow

Reasons Why Twitter Become Slow – How To Solve This Issue?

Social platforms are famous all over the world because they offer opportunities to connect with others. One of the other famous platforms is Twitter, with many users. Twitter become the core attention of all businesses and other people who are looking to expand their community and know about the latest news.

The platform is not only a place but also a hub to share your thoughts, follow trends, and connect with others. 75% of people are daily active on this platform to share their thoughts and news with their fellows. However, the platform may undergo a slower loading time than other platforms.

In some countries, there is an issue when Twitter accounts become slow and unable to perform complete activity. Thus, because of this issue, many people face challenges and issues with using it properly. This guide will explore the reasons why Twitter become slow. Also, we will go through the solutions to solve this issue to make your Twitter experience smooth.

Why Twitter Become So Slow?

Are you worried about the slow speed of Twitter and want to know why it happens? Well! This guide is for you that can help in such cases. Now, you don’t need to worry while thinking about Twitter’s slow working issue.

Obviously, the slow speed of Twitter is very frustrating and may only waste your time. You don’t want to wait for minutes to explore your Twitter account and watch a shared video from your friend.

So, you need to consider some ways to fix the slow loading issue. The main issue is that you often don’t know the reason behind the slow loading time of Twitter.

That is why we came up with some reasons that can solve the problem and enhance Twitter’s speed.

The following are some reasons behind the slow loading time of Twitter:

High User Traffic:

Twitter is a busy social platform with many users who tweet, engage with others, and interact with content. The platform has high traffic during peak hours, events, trending topics and weekends. More traffic means the platform becomes overwhelmed, which may cause a slowdown or even outages.

This is similar to the busy roads with high traffic in peak hours, which may jam the road. So Twitter is also a road that may slow down after high traffic. But Twitter regularly updates its infrastructure to cover the needs of all users.

Network Issues:

Besides all other factors, the main thing that matters a lot is your internet speed. Slow internet speed means your Twitter will run slow and give you the worst experience. If your ISP is disturbing, it may slow down the loading time of images, videos and tweets.

On the other hand, mobile data with less strength means it will make the Twitter account load slowly. In such cases, you need to have a robust and reliable internet connection to make your Twitter experience better.

If you often face the issue of slow loading time, then it is better to troubleshoot your connection and upgrade it. Moreover, WI-fi is better than mobile data; it offers a stable connection to Twitter.

Cached Data Overload:

Twitter uses caching to increase the Twitter loading time and speed. Cached data cover images, videos, and media files to increase the loading of tweets and images. Although cache is commonly useful to improve the performance of Twitter, it may cause slowdowns to accounts if corrupted.

A corrupted cache may cause the worst behaviour of Twitter and make it slow down to load the content and cause crashes. To overcome this issue, you have to clear all caches through the Twitter app or clear cookies if you use the Twitter web browser. Regular clearing of the cache can maintain Twitter’s performance.

Outdated App or Browser:

An outdated Twitter version is also another issue that may cause performance issues. Developers release updates to solve security issues, enhance performance, and increase functionality. So, when you don’t update Twitter, it may cause compatibility issues.

In such cases, you need to regularly update the app and web browser to enhance Twitter’s performance. This way, you can increase the speed and functionality of your Twitter account.

Background Apps:

Running many apps on your phone or laptop means it consumes more resources, such as bandwidth and memory. So, if your device is running many apps, mainly data-intensive ones such as video streaming, then it may cause a slowdown in Twitter’s performance.

The intensive apps compete to get resources, which may cause pauses in responsiveness. To fix this issue, you need to close the running apps in the background or limit the apps. If you stop running the apps, it will demand less resources. As a result, it will increase the performance and speed of your Twitter account.

How to Solve Twitter’s Slowdown Issues

Till now, you have an idea about the reasons why your Twitter account slows down. Now is the time to explore the solutions to solve this issue:

1. Check Your Internet Connection

No need to blame your Twitter account while checking your internet connection. Make sure that the connection is stable and speedy. For this, you have to run a speed test to inspect the quality of the connection and if there is a need to upgrade it.

2. Clear Cached Data

Most of the time, twitter data caching is the cause of slow down. So make sure to clear all caches. For this, go to the Twitter app, then settings, data use, media storage, and clear all storage. While on the web, you have to clear the cache and cookies of the browser.

3. Update the Twitter App or Browser

Make sure to regularly check updates about the Twitter app and browser. Developers release updates to increase the speed and performance of the app.

4. Limit Background Apps

Make sure to stop or limit the running of background apps if these are data intensive. This way, you can free resources to ensure high Twitter speed.

5. Disable or Remove Browser Extensions

If you are using Twitter on the browser and face slowdown issues. It means you should disable all browser extensions one by one to improve Twitter’s speed.

6. Use Twitter Lite or Mobile App

Make sure to use Twitter lite, which is the lightest version of the Twitter app and is helpful in low-end devices and slow connections. Most of the time, your Twitter mobile app is optimized for more performance.

7. Avoid Peak Hours

Twitter may cause slowdown issues in peak hours or events. So, it is better to avoid using Twitter at such a time to prevent yourself from waiting for a long time.


Though Twitter is the most famous platform, it may often slow down, which may be frustrating. In such a case, you need to know the common reasons behind this. Once you know why it happened, it means you can find the solution to solve the issue. This way, you can increase your Twitter experience.

Make sure to regularly update the app, clear catch and keep your internet connection fast. All these are the better steps to explore Twitter with ease, even during heavy traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is Twitter so slow?

Twitter’s slowness can be due to high server load, network congestion, browser issues, or device performance problems.

How can I speed up Twitter on my computer or smartphone?

  • Clear your browser cache and cookies if using Twitter on a computer.
  • Close unused apps running in the system background on your smartphone.
  • Ensure you have a great internet connection, preferably using Wi-Fi.
  • Try using a different web browser or Twitter app, as it might be an application-specific issue.

Is Twitter slow for everyone or just me?

Twitter’s official status page ( to see if there are any ongoing issues. Use a website monitoring tool like DownDetector to check if others are experiencing Twitter slowdowns in your region.

Why does Twitter’s speed vary throughout the day?

Twitter experiences traffic fluctuations. During peak hours, more users are active, leading to slower performance. Try accessing Twitter during off-peak hours if possible.

Is my device causing Twitter to be slow?

Outdated software or apps can slow down Twitter. Make sure your device’s operating system and Twitter app are up to date. Insufficient storage space on your device can also affect performance. Clear some space by deleting unnecessary files. Restart your device regularly to refresh its performance.

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