Some Signs that your Wife is having an Affair

Some Signs to check that your Wife is having an Affair

The concept of cheating is not bound to any specific gender or the human race. But mostly, husbands are accused of cheating and having extramarital affairs. But nowadays, due to easy access to anyone through social media, there is an increase in women having an affair. There are equal chances that a wife can also have an emotional or physical affair. So, we are going to publish some “signs your wife is having an affair”. We have already written some stuff on signs of an affair husband.

According to General Social Survey 2010-2016, 13% of married women claimed they had sex with other men.

A psychoanalyst named as “Esther Perel” has seen increased cases of cheating from women from last few years. She has claimed that unfaithfulness cases from women have been increased by up to 40 percent as compared to the year 1990.

Some Mysterious Signs that my Wife is having an Affair

Cell Phone is Always on Silent

Your cell phone is the most common way of communication now. If your Wife has started to keep her phone on silent from the loud, it’s a sign that something is wrong. There can be a reason that she is using this phone for talking or texting with anyone else.

In most cases, people who have an extramarital affair like to keep their cell phones silent.

Changed Her All Passwords

Marriage is a profound relationship between two souls. After the marriage, your life should be like an open book for each other. But if your Wife changes her passwords frequently, it is a mysterious sign.

It can include the passwords of cell phones, laptops, tablets, and social media accounts. If this is true in your case, then you should keep your eyes open. Changing passwords is the most common sign that something can be wrong in your relationship or anyone from you has lost the trust factor.

Calling you with Any Other Name

A slip of the tongue and Freudian slip are mostly considered bad signs, but sometimes it can be a blessing for you as they can tell you some truth too. According to a famous Dr. Rumi, if your Wife has called you by any other name on the bed (intentionally or unintentionally), it can be a clear sign that your Wife is having an affair with someone else. But of course, it cannot be true in all cases, but there are higher chances of an affair.

She Calls and Treats you as a Friend

Many marriage and relation advisors also claim that when wives have an emotional affair with someone else, they usually treat their husbands as friends only. You might need to think a bit if you have been observing similar behavior for some time.

Similarly, if you have seen some changed conversation from your Wife, it’s also a bad sign for you. Usually, the husband sees their wives use no romantic words while they are having an affair. In that case, wives usually don’t pay much attention to their husbands.

Taking Some Extra Care of Herself

If your Wife is taking extra care of herself suddenly, whenever she goes out and gives special attention to her looks, which is not for you, then it’s not a good sign for your relationship. Recent cases and surveys have proved that wives who have extramarital affairs like to pay special attention to their physical appearances. They might try to look up at another person or want to catch physical attention.

Excess Use of Social Media Apps

Using social media websites frequently makes you more likely to destroy your family relationships. Moreover, people who use social media websites in excess are usually depressed. Social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are also used for communication purposes. If your Wife has started using social media websites regularly, it’s not a good gesture for you. Moreover, using some special status (frustrated, change in relationship status) on social media websites is also a threatening gesture in a relationship.

Her Phone is Always Busy

Men can only sometimes stay at home as they have many other tasks to do as well. We have already regarded “cell phone on silent” and “change of cell passwords” as mysterious signs. If your Wife’s phone is always busy with other calls, it can be a sign that your Wife is having an affair.

Claiming that She is Not Happy or Satisfied

In some cases, we have seen that the wives clearly inform their husbands that they are not happy from this relationship, it can be due to many reasons that we have already discussed in “signs of common marriage problems”. If your scenario is the same then you need to pay some special attention to your relationship before it’s too late.

Acts Like a Guilty or Criminal

We all act guilty if we have done something wrong. Similarly, when people cheat, they act impulsive and can’t resist taking that risk despite what it might cost them. If your Wife is guilty, you should observe things very closely. Obviously, it can also be a sign that your Wife is having an emotional affair.

She is Accusing you of Infidelity and Cheating

According to the old school of thought, many people claim that the people who are committed to each also accuse their spouse of cheating. The reason can be that they are extra sensitive or don’t want to lose each other, but that is not always true.

Now, we have seen people who have extramarital affairs (Both Husband or Wife) accuse another one of cheating and infidelity. That is also done to hide their own affairs. So, if your spouse always accuses you of cheating without proof, then it’s clearly an alarming sign, and you need to sit together to sort things out well before you make any rash decision.

Signs your Wife is having an Affair

She Wants to Spend her Spare Time Alone

For a husband, it’s not a good sign that her Wife likes to spend her spare time alone. Healthy and good couples spend most of their spare time with each other. If you have noted that your Wife has suddenly started spending time alone, talk to her; maybe she is depressed. But it can be because she (the Wife) is unhappy with her husband and talking to another guy.

Altered Schedule

If working late is suddenly a new normal, even though your partner’s job doesn’t really require it, they may not be telling the truth about where they are.

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