Signs your Husband Wants a Divorce

Some Serious Indications and Signs your Husband Wants a Divorce

Do you think that your marriage is in some big trouble? If yes, then don’t forget to read about the signs your husband wants a divorce.

Long phone calls with girlfriends, involvement in extra-marital affairs, extra criticism, no love expressions, no physical relationship and no discussion about future can be some signs that indicates that your husband is no more interested in you or he wants a divorce. We will discuss these points in detail too.

Marriages are very sensitive relations, and the bond, very fragile. All around the world, where there are plenty of examples of successful marriages, failed marriages with divorce aren’t rare either.

In most cases, it becomes hard to tell when your husband wants a divorce. He will give you signs, some evident, others are hidden, but the message will be there; “I won’t divorce.” If you face trouble identifying whether your husband wants a divorce, make sure to read this article. Why? Because it has the signs that you need to look out for!

While these signs aren’t to rely on 100%, they can guide you regarding your husband’s requirements and what he expects from you. These can be reliable indicators of your husband signaling his need for a divorce.

Recent studies about divorce have claimed some shocking facts too.

Detailed Explanation about the Signs that your Husband Wants a Divorce

You are uncertain whether your husband really wants a divorce, or is it you just assuming or overthinking. You don’t know what to do! Should you be worried? Should you talk to him? We have listed some signs that will help you know. So, make sure to have a thorough look at them.

1. Your Spouse Stops Fighting with You

This is one thing most people see as a positive; that your husband isn’t fighting with you or nagging you. But are you sure he stops because he cares and not because he doesn’t want to be with you? I agree constant fighting isn’t right, but ignoring problems and remaining silent can be a negative sign. It may be so that your husband doesn’t fight because he has no interest in fixing the issue as he doesn’t see a future with you. Yes, that will definitely be a problem.

This is why you need to keep a sharp eye for it.

2. He criticizes you for Everything you Do

One way to know that your husband wants a divorce is that he is critical of almost everything that you do. Be it cooking, washing, or anything else for that matter, he constantly jabs about everything and passes rude comments. Some say that this is one of the top predictors of your husband wanting a divorce. Not saying that if your husband is joking, but if he makes you feel bad about yourself, you may need to reconsider.

3. He is on Long Phone Calls

Making phone calls is one thing, but if your spouse is suddenly getting too involved in phone calls, there may be a problem. Especially if he talks privately or goes silent when you’re around, you have all the right to doubt him. This may be because he is talking to someone new or talking about their marriage issues to their family. Either way, this will be a bad sign. It may point that your husband wants a divorce because he is in some other relationship.

4. He is Avoiding You

This is one evident sign that your husband wants a divorce. He noticeably avoids you because he constantly stays busy on his phone. He talks to other people, and you aren’t one of them. And he doesn’t bother to text you and won’t keep a check on you. In case he doesn’t have time for you and doesn’t take you out for lunch or dinner, there can be a problem. If he doesn’t go with you, with whom else does he go? That’s the question. If you are feeling this sign is becoming evident, you may need to keep your eyes open!

5. He doesn’t Talk to You about the Future

As a husband and wife, you need to plan your future, together right? Like where will you go for honeymoon and what will you name your babies etc. If you don’t remember the last time you talked about your future with him, he might be considering a divorce. For example, he changes the topic every time you talk about it, he may not want a future with you. If your husband is making his plans without you in them, he might be deciding to give you a divorce.

6. You don’t say “I Love You” to one another

Saying I love you to each other occasionally may be a good way to hold the relationship together. If you and your husband rarely say it to one another, there may be chances of a wrong relation. This will be a greater sign is you used to say it and no longer do. And yes, this gets even worse when you say “I love you,” and he doesn’t say it back. If you think this happens, you should consider all the possibilities.

Signs your Husband Wants a Divorce

7. They don’t listen to you anymore

If your partner doesn’t listen to you or doesn’t pay attention to what you say, he may be considering you out of his life. Ignoring you and not paying attention to what you say are among the clearest signs of your husband asking for a divorce. Why he doesn’t listen it’s maybe because he may be interested somewhere else.

8. Your Gut Feeling

If you have seen the above signs, it is quite obvious that you have a gut feeling that something is wrong. If not anything else, the feeling of being alone and unwanted itself can be a good indicator.

Your gut feeling of being alone even when your husband is around may point out to a blank marital relationship. In case your husband doesn’t put effort into the relationship, chances are that he wants a divorce.

The above stated are a few reliable indicators that point out to something being wrong in your relationship. If your relationship seems blank and incomplete, you may need to reconsider going with it. If it is no longer the way it once used to be, it may be because your husband is interested elsewhere and wants a divorce from you.

This is exactly why you need to watch out for the signs. If some of the majority of these signs become apparent, I suggest you investigate what went wrong.

Our Final Conclusion About the Signs Your Husband Wants a Divorce

Most of the time non-verbal communication is also used to express feelings. In your case, it can mean that your husband is not asking you for a divorce through word of mouth. But he is showing some signs by which you can judge that he is no more interested in a relationship with you. We have tried to discuss all the possible signs by which you can judge that your husband wants a divorce.

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