Signs that your Partner is Toxic

Signs that your Partner is Toxic – Just Don’t Ignore Them

Are you getting some signs that your partner is toxic? In the case of “Yes”, just read the complete guide published by about the signs that your partner is toxic.

A toxic relationship can be detrimental to one’s mental health. Anyone at any time can find themselves with a toxic partner. Relationships evolve and change with time. One that started off as a good one might end up being harmful to the partners. Everyone has a right to choose to stay with their partner or to leave a relationship. Anyone can find themselves in a toxic relation at any point in life. It is not because one is weak or not worthy. You must not feel being with a toxic partner was your lapse of judgment.

People change and so do relationships. Just know when to put an end to a toxic relationship. A toxic relationship lowers self-esteem, dampens your mood and impacts your image of yourself. If you feel this way with your partner, you have the right to leave the relationship. A toxic partner is, therefore, something you should look out for.

Realizing that our partner is toxic is not always easy. Blinded by love or the hope of a successful relationship, you might not realize that your partner is detrimental to you.

4 Most Common Signs that Your Partner is Toxic

1- They Make You Doubt Yourself and Do not Respect You

If your partner insults you regularly, your partner is toxic. Such comments begin as disguised remarks but end up in more direct degrading comments. It can begin as ‘constructive criticism’, move on to derogatory jokes and then direct insults. This ultimately makes the recipient doubt themselves. They also begin to think that others might think worse of them. They begin to think that they are not good enough. Such a relationship should not be maintained simply because of the negative impact it has on the partner.

Signs that your Partner is Toxic

Another important thing to consider is whether your partner respects you. A relationship will be considered healthy only if the partners respect one another’s choices, interests, and wishes. If your partner does not respect your decisions or who you are, your relationship is toxic. A sign of this disrespect is also when they cheat on you.

2- They Do not Trust You and are Too Controlling

Trust is the foundation of any healthy relationship. It is necessary for there to be respect between the partners. If your partner does not trust you, it is an indication of a toxic bond. There is also a fine line between jealousy and mistrust. If your partner checks on your activity, your calls, for example, it might be the lack of trust in you. Look out for such signs. Similarly, if your partner is too controlling, be warned.

One can be controlled in many ways; being emotionally or physically abusive or an unequal division of power for example. If you feel restricted and bound in a relation, unable to exercise your freedom, your relationship is not healthy. An unequal division of power in a relationship is a bad sign. Both partners should be equally important, powerful and influential.

3- They Hinder Your Path to Your Dreams

Partners in a healthy relationship must support one another’s dreams and desires. Relationships should be built on support and helping each other grow. Succeeding together should be the goal of healthy relationships. In some cases, it’s the opposite. Your partner might be creating a roadblock in your path to your goal. They might trivialize your dreams and brush them off. Often people find themselves in relationships that restrict their choices and make them doubt their life decisions. If that is the case, it is better if you end the relationship. Without their presence blocking your way, you will be more successful in life.

4- You are Waiting for your Partner to Change and They Make no Effort to Change

If you feel your partner has habits that are bad and detrimental to you, hoping for change might not be useful. If you are bearing with your partner only because of hope that things will get better, the relationship is toxic. If you only find some positive aspects to your partner, that is not enough of a reason to stay in the relationship. You have every right to leave a relationship detrimental to you. Even worse is when they are making no effort to change.

Signs that Your Partner is Toxic

To make a relationship work, both partners need to make an effort. They must both be willing to compromise and change themselves for the other. If your partner is not willing to do so, they are wrong. If you have let them know what bothers you and they are not willing to consider it, the relationship is unhealthy and toxic. If your partner is not willing to change themselves, it is a sign you must not overlook.

Conclusion about that Signs that your Partner is Toxic

So, the above mentioned are the best signs to know that your partner is toxic or not. There is no reason why you should stay in a relationship that does not satisfy you. You are not bound to your partner and they should not exert any such control over you.

If someone dampens your happiness and makes you feel like you are not good enough, they do not deserve you. Love should be nurturing and replenishing. A relationship is only healthy if it makes you feel good. If it does the opposite, it is time you put an end to the toxic relationship. You need to keep an emotional distance from your relation. A relationship is something that is to be managed. It is only a part of life and you are not bound to any partner.

Yes, no relationship is perfect but there are some you are better off without. Such relationships hinder your success and limit your freedom. No such relationship should be acceptable. You need to know what is acceptable and what is not in a relationship.

Any signs of a toxic partner must not be ignored and you must leave the relationship if you are being impacted negatively. Your family and friends might also start noticing the impact your partner is having on you. It is better to put an end to a harmful bond than to regret its effects later.

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