Signs of Commitment Issues

Signs of Commitment Issues

What is commitment?

Commitment is basically when one person commits to another for being together. Both individuals who have made a commitment to each other have a certain impact as well as control on each other’s life. Issues arise when both, or even one person in a relationship lack understanding or are not ready to accept the other person as a partner. If you are in an relationship partner than you most also know about the signs of commitment issues.

Relationships issues are very common, as people face different problems in a relationship. These problems are however termed as commitment issues or also commitment phobia. People having such issues in a relationship cannot stay together longer. This does not mean they drive out of less, but their issues don’t let them be together. Moreover, people experiencing relationship issues also go through a lot of mental and emotional stress. Problems in a relationship could harm the physical, mental, and emotional health of a person. It can also lead to psychological issues like stress, anxiety, and depression. Therefore, it is important to realize these issues and it is equally important to get over these issues.

Fear of Commitment

Commitment issues are often aroused because of fear of commitment. This fear of commitment is the root cause of any adverse causes or negative responses because of relationship problems. However, commitment issues are different at different levels. For example, if we look into an organization, the fear of commitment may cause an employee to reject certain tasks assigned to him. This will ultimately lead to decreased productivity. On the contrary, if we put an eye into the fear of commitment in a romantic relationship, the couple may decide to leave each other or they can even get married to avoid relationship issues. Hence, it is proved that the commitment issue itself being a problem gives rise to many other problems.

Some Clear Signs of Commitment Issues – How to know if you have commitment issues?

Common Signs of Commitment Issues

Because of these issues, a person feels reluctant to be in any long term relationship because he/she fears he might not want it after a few years. But still, how do you know when you are facing these issues? Following are a few signs;

Lack of trust

The most common sign is trust issues. The main ingredient in a healthy relationship is trust. Problems arise when people in a relationship stop trusting each other. Trust issues may arise because of past actions, or repetition of the same behaviors or attitudes in present situations. When people don’t have trust in their relationship, it makes the situation worse. It leads to mental illness and gives rise to anxiety and depression. Lack of trust acts as an invitation to many other problems, ultimately leading to a breakup.

Lack of Freedom

Another most prominent symptom is a lack of freedom. People might start to feel their actions or behaviors are controlled by their significant others and they definitely don’t like it. They think they are not being trusted enough to do things on their own. Therefore, if there’s not enough freedom in a relationship, it would seem like a burden. Hence, it is necessary for both individuals in a relationship to give enough space to each other to let them do things they like.

Lack of Interest in Partner

Commitment issues also seem to arise when you start to lose interest in your partner. All of a sudden you don’t find them attractive anymore. Their jokes do not make you laugh. If they continue to care for you, it irritates you. Eventually, you get bored with your partner and you might find ways to get rid of them.

Insecurity Issues

Another major sign of commitment issues is the insecurity problem. If either of the individuals is insecure about the other, it can cause many doubts in a relationship. Insecure people start assuming things about their partners in their heads which may not be close to reality. The insecure individual in such a situation tries to control the actions and behaviors of their partners. If they continue to exhibit such behaviors of insecurity repeatedly, they might end up pushing their partners away.

Being Unsure about the Future of Commitment

Another sign leading to commitment issues is when individuals in a relationship are not even sure if they would be together in the future or not. However, it is important to end things if you are unsure about you both being together. It is not nice to enjoy the relationship and end things when you get bored. If you are not sure about the future, there is no point in staying together. Some people do not even think about the future. They only give thought to what they have now. And they get confused or are not sure if either one asks about the long term planning of a relationship.

Lack of Emotional Attachment

A healthy relationship along with trust, freedom, and other factors also requires a lot of emotional attachment. If you are not emotionally attached to your partner, then seriously what are you both doing together? No emotional attachment means you don’t care for them and losing them is not going to affect you. It means you are least bothered by what they are doing in their life. You don’t show interest in anything they do. Hence, if you fail to attach emotionally, this is a sign for you that you are not in the right relationship.

Signs of Commitment Issues

Ignores Talking about Future

If you or your significant other avoid having conversations about you both being together in the future, it definitely means you are not sure about ending up together. Notice having this type of talk with your partner. If he engages well in the conversation or shows interest, it means they want a future with you. If they continuously try to change the topic or avoid your questions, this is the time you decide whether you want to be in this relationship or not. Because this is clearly a sign of commitment issue.

Don’t Give Enough Time

Another sign is when your partner starts getting busier than usual and does not give enough time to their partner. They always come up with excuses for being busy somewhere.

Conclusion about Signs of Commitment Issues :

So, we have tried to explain all the signs related to commitment issues. We always say that the initial signs in any relationship are very much important. You will work on the issues; you can save your relationship. Otherwise, the results may be destructive. By these signs, you can judge the track of your relationships very easily. So, don’t ignore them at any cost. I will also recommend you to read about the signs of a toxic partner.

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