Most Severe Negative Effects of Social Media

Most Severe Negative Effects of Social Media

Our world is changing rapidly with the change in technology. We have seen some massive good and bad effects of technology in our lives and society. Let’s talk about social media platforms. We all are addicted to some social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat etc. It’s a hard fact that social media has changed our lives in both negative and positive ways. One of the most trending topics that are discussed nowadays is about the negative effects of social media on different perspectives of our lives.

Nowadays we can’t imagine our life without social media and that is a very clear sign that you are also a victim of social media. Although we agree that social media has some positive effects too but its negative effects are from communication to business, health to self-esteem social media has caused some massive bad impacts on our lives that would be discussed in detail.

Negative Effects of Social Media Statistics

According to the RSPH and Young Health Movement here are some stats about the negative effects of Social Media

Above 90% of people aged between 16 and 24 years use the internet due to social media websites only
People using social media are more depressed due to different reasons
People find social media effects more addictive than the use of tobacco and alcohol
Most of the users of social media are also suffering from increased anxiety, depression and poor sleeping conditions like insomnia

Most Addictive and Preferred Social Media Apps by the People
  1. Facebook
  2.  Twitter
  3.  Youtube
  4. Instagram (Most Negative)
  5.  Snapchat

Bad Influence and Harms of Social Media

Let us explore this fact that detail how social media is harmful and bad for you. Many of us are not aware of the side effects that social media has caused our health. That is also one of the worst impacts of social media. Another bad influence of social media is that it is changing the perception of the world and yourself.

Many doctors, psychologists, and psychiatrists are recommending to use social media very frequently. So, read the complete side effects of using social media and decide if you are a victim of social media too?

Cause and Negative Effect of Social Media

Lets us discuss some causes and negative effects of social media in our daily life activities

  • Negative Effects of Social Media on Communication

    Let us discuss the negative effects of social media on communication. Social media is leaving negative effects on its users in many ways. People try to talk less and only where it is necessary. They avoid communicating with their family and try to spend more time using social apps. It is usually seen among kids that they do not talk much with their family and prefer to spend more of their time using social gadgets and remain alone in their rooms. It has become another popular trend that they use short forms in their conversation instead of promoting their native language.

    The frequent use of social media has decreased the physical activities of the generation which is causing a lack of confidence. People who use social media find it hard to speak confidently sitting in some gathering. The people who are habitual of using social media have less informative skills because their mindset doesn’t allow them to think out of their spam as the use of social apps restricts their thinking. Its addictive usage is creating visual and headache problems among its users. The harmful rays that come out of the devices that they use, affects their brain and eyes.

cause and Negative Effect of social media
  • Negative Effects of Social Media on Business

    The second point in our list is the negative effect of social media on our business. Most of the business owners are unaware of this fact that unplanned activities and campaigns on social media can destroy your business by causing you some big losses that’s why it is recommended to hire a professional digital marketing agency that can be bit expensive. Every businessman invests to earn more and in social media marketing, it is difficult to measure Return On Investment (ROI). Moreover, usually, you have low conversion rates when you are running an improper social media marketing campaigns.

    Another major issue, while using social media for business is that you don’t have control over fake comments and spam. Sometimes your business competitors can give you poor ratings and comments intentionally that can destroy the repute of your company. Marketing campaigns on social media are also time-consuming so usually, you need to hire a professional digital marketing company. You have to wait for some time to see results and conversions on your business.

  • Negative Effects of Social Media on Teenagers and Youth

    Are you curious to know the negative effects of social media on teenagers? Teenagers are the most affected by the negative impacts of social media. The use of social media has influenced our teenagers and youth directly. Its usage has shown a lack of interest in studies among teenagers. As people try to spend their respective time in using social media, they try to follow famous personalities and heroes who attract them on social media. They consider them as role models and try to copy their style in real life. for this, they make friendships that can help them achieve their desired level.

    Social media users show fearless and rude behavior to their parents and show no interest in family gatherings and sittings. Its usage has increased the demand for money and facilities which sometimes leads the user to superiority or inferiority complex. Crime cases and very especially women harassment cases have also been increased because of the influence of social media on society. People are now more unrespected towards women. They make fun of ladies by standing on the corner of the street and pass cheap comments on their figure which makes them uneasy to walk through there. They sometimes touch them on an inappropriate place and show their dominance over the women. Few ladies respond harshly to them and few do not.

negative social media effects on teenagers
  • Negative Effects of Social Media on Physical and Mental Health

    Social media is damaging mental and physical health of its users. It can cause severe headache and muscular pain as to use social apps requires a lot of attention, mental activeness, and involvement. Its worst damage is that it weakens the eyesight in a few days. Shoulder and back pain is also seen as its damages. It kind of locks the mind and does not allow the user to move and they become stressed and depressed. Such users do not enjoy sound sleep which directly affects their brain. They usually on and of complaint of severe pain in and around their eyes which happens when they frequently use social apps in dim light very especially at night. They sometimes feel pain on the back of their neck when they lower their neck to get involved in using social apps.

  • Negative Effects of Social Media on Self-Esteem

    The people who use social media frequently, start comparing themselves with others. They try to match their lifestyle with others in order to understand what facilities they lack. They want to have the same facilities that others are enjoying. They never bother if their parents can provide them those facilities or not. Their expectations from life go wrong as they start thinking that they should be given the same luxuries and facilities that others are enjoying and when they find them helpless in getting their lifestyle advanced, their self-esteem hurts, due to which they lack self-confidence. They change their mindset and start thinking negative in every respect. They become demotivated of their status, which according to them, is unchangeable. They try not to meet friends who enjoy a high-status lifestyle as they feel poor to sit with them comparing their personalities with them. They remain unrealistic and feel it different for everyone to get what they desire but they try to put every possible effort to satisfy their needs. It is sometimes uncomfortable for their parents who do not earn much.

  • Negative Impact of Social Media on Privacy

    Technical and other people who are aware of privacy policies and algorithms of social media websites know that “someone is watching you somewhere every time”. Moreover, the content, pictures, status you share reduces the chances of your privacy. Many websites use cookies to store data in your browser. Your email can also be used for promotional activities and email marketing by these social websites. So, one has to use them with some caution and care and after reading their privacy policies.

  • Negative Effects of Social Media on Family Relationships

    Social media is spoiling family relationships by making people less caring towards their family. They try to avoid participation in family conversations. They often remain absent-minded and quite in other family issues. They start living in a fantasy and develop a sense of superiority. They think no one is as intelligent as they are. Another major issue caused by its addiction is divorce. The less affiliation and communication with each other lead a marriage to divorce.

    On the other hand, some major psychological issues are seeing in those children whose parents are used to use social media most of the time. These children consider them unimportant and try to find comfort and importance of meeting their friends without knowing their family background. They go out of control and do not listen to their parents and start hating them.

  • Negative Effects of Social Media on Society

    Man is a social animal and somehow he relies and is dependent on others. The excessive use of social apps makes him disconnected from other members of society. We generally see people complaining to their friends that they do not have time for them or take notice if they want to be connected. It happens because the social app addicts do not take any other thing seriously than using social apps or spending their time on it. They find it more fun to use these apps than meeting others in society. In spite of having enough time, they do not prefer to go and meet their friends and family and complain of not having time to meet anyone.

  • The Negative Impact of Social Media on Individuals

    Its usage raises depression and anxiety in people. Its addicts held their mobile phones in their hands all the time which annoys others. They do not bother if someone is noticing them using the cellphone all the time in every gathering. They give unrealistic expressions while using social apps on mobile.

    We see girls and boys sitting in buses and other local public transport talking with their friends on mobile phones and giving idiotic and foolish expressions. They never think of someone sitting with them is noticing all this and remain busy. All they are concerned with are the selfies they take and upload on their status. On the other hand, some mothers do not pay attention to their children and remain busy in enjoying facebook and other social apps.

  • Effects of Social Media on the World

    We are becoming social animals day by day having a careless attitude towards our family members, other people who listen less and reacts more. Recent studies and researches have proved that using media users are more depressed. All of these are the negative effects of social media on the world.

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