Relationships with Claim Adjusters

Build Relationships with Claim Adjusters

No matter how big of an insurance company you own, it is equally important to build a strong relationship with your claim adjusters at each phase of the business. Even if you are making a new team or an established business, you cannot afford to mess up your relationship with the claim adjuster.

With a strong team, you will not have a good impact on your customers, but it will also prove beneficial for the growth of your business.

As in the case of water damage or fire damage industries, you might be aware of the extent of damage that comes with these types of accidents. This is when victims of the injury contact their insurance agencies immediately, which follows a lot of work.

So, at this point, your team will have to keep close contact with the insurance companies to get a better insight into the extent of damage and the whole process that follows.

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Responsibility of an Adjuster

An adjuster plays a vital role in linking the damage victims and insurance companies. As soon as the accident occurs, the adjusters analyze the damage to determine how much money the insurance company will be compensated.

As a restoration professional, you might already be aware that tension between your clients and the adjusters might occur at any point.

But it is necessary not to build that tension and get rid of your differences without any inconvenience. It must be kept in mind that a relationship between a restoration professional and an adjuster doesn’t have to be competitive or full of tension.

To ensure a smooth relationship, you will have to focus on effective communication and keeping track of the information. The claim adjuster or team can help reach out to the clients instantly during the following problems and situations;

  • Catastrophic claims
  • Daily claims
  • Inspection
  • Large loss
  • underwriting

How to Maintain Good Relationships with Claim Adjusters?

Here are some ways to maintain a healthy relationship with the claim adjusters and the clients.

Effective Communication

Effective communication is necessary to maintain any relationship, whether with friends, family, or professional relationships. Maintaining healthy communication between two parties is essential to avoid conflicts and go smoothly.

All the disagreements between adjusters and restoration professionals can be quickly resolved and avoided and should not hinder the relationship of both parties.

To maintain a good relationship with the claim adjuster and your clients, don’t speed up the process without involving either of them. Try not to rush things, slow down the whole procedure, and inform the adjuster and your client at each step.

Contact the adjuster and the client and look for a solution to all the communication problems. You can do this by deciding on any particular way of communication, either call, text message, email, or an in-person meeting. Make sure that whatever step you are taking, the adjuster and the client are equally involved and are aware of each step.

Keep Record of Every Step and Information

If you are an expert, you might be aware of the importance of detailed records of everything, from the extent of the damage to compensation amounts; everything should be written in complete detail. You might not want to risk poor documentation as it will be a significant risk to your business and services.

Therefore, it is necessary to pen everything down from the extent of damage, the number of work hours, the number of used supplies, the types of used stores, and the wages of laborers.

The role of adjusters is to supervise you through the whole process and keep track of your work as well as they are the ones that will calculate your pay at the end. They are the ones who submit all the records and information to the insurance company, which results in releasing your paycheck.

Therefore, it is always good to have everything in written and pictorial records. It would help if you took the before repair pictures of the property and, after repair, images to set up in the record. This is the reason why you should never neglect the documentation. Also, it can prove helpful in your future projects as well.

Engage the Adjuster and Share the Expertise

It would help if you admitted that you and the adjuster are experts in your fields. For example, the adjuster is an expert in dealing with the insurance companies while you, as a restoration professional, are an expert in damage restoration.

Therefore, both parties will have to share their knowledge and expertise in the respective fields to maintain a healthy work relationship.

In your case, as a restoration professional, you will have to determine the extent of the damage and report everything to the adjuster. You will have to inform the adjuster everything about the damage and the needed repairs.

Be patient and don’t try to argue with the adjuster while proving your point at any stage of the process. Make sure to discuss the extent of damage before going further into the process and determine that you and the adjuster agree with each other. This will ensure a relatively smoother work experience and complete satisfaction from both ends.

According to a water damage restoration company, good relationships with public adjusters are mandatory to get good damage claims.

Final Words!

Now, you might know how important it is to maintain a healthy relationship with the claim adjusters. It is an assurance that you will have a smoother work experience throughout the process and help in future projects.

As much as it is essential to maintain a good relationship with the adjuster during the project, it is also necessary to establish a long-term relationship for your business’s benefit.

Keep in mind that open communication is the key to maintaining any personal or work relationship, so don’t let it go out of hand in this case. Also, take your time and establish lasting relationships with the claim adjusters that will add to your and your team’s professional reputation.

According to a top Boca Raton mold inspection and testing company, you should practice some of the tips mentioned above to help you set a good relationship with your next claim adjuster.

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