How to Know Your Employee

Every company wants to build the best relationship with their employees. Even many leaders are confused and search that how can I get to know my employees? Here are 20+ questions

Getting to know your employee questionnaire

  • Tell your 3 Qualities : A person can be judged by asking this question. It helps to understand what are his qualities.
  • Tell your 3 weak points :By asking this question, a boss can understand the weak points of the candidate that he might face in future.
  • (Family or Work) In Emergency :One can also ask a question, “if you are asked to choose in time of extreme need, your family or work”?
  • In case of Stress are you Polite or Panic :We can also ask,” when you do you remain polite or panic if you are in stressed situations”? This will help find how will the candidate behave if we give him multiple tasks in future regarding work.
  • Can Handle Multitasking? If not then Why? :We should ask the question, “can you handle multitasks at a time? and if you can’t then give the reason”. This will help determine a boss if this candidate is capable of handling multiple tasks at the same time or not.
  • Who inspired you the most? :This really is a frequently asked question. This helps to understand who is the inspiration of the candidate and whom does he want to be.
  • Capacity of Consecutive Working? :This could be a very solid question that for how much work can you do consecutively? This is asked to check the stamina or capacity of a person.
  • Desired place which you want to visit in the world? :This can be a fun question. We can ask such a question to understand the environment that a person like.
  • Craziest or Strange thing you have Ever Done? :This will help understand the state of mind of a person or foolishness that a candidate had ever done.
  • How do you See Social Media? :This is an important question to ask. This helps to understand how much a person uses social gadgets and how much is he involved in using and spending time on social media.
  • How is your Long/Short Term Memory? :Another important question to know is, how good is one’s short- or long-term memory. It will help the boss to understand if the management assigns a few tasks to him, will he be able to remember its demands or for how long does he remember the words?
  • What Would you be Doing if you Weren’t at your Current Job? :This is also a question by which one can understand the interest of a person or by which one can understand which other option does a candidate would be thinking to go with.
  • If you will know that you are going to die in the next 6 months would you change your lifestyle? :This is to check a person’s fear or passion for doing things.
  • How do you Refresh Yourself? :This question can be asked if we want to know how does he refresh his mind and what does he do to come to a balanced state of mind.
  • What according to you, is the current most important issue in the country that should be focused? :This question will help understand if the person has any knowledge about the country and its issues or not and what according to him is the issue that should be solved first.
  • What Would you Love to do in your Spare Time? :This is a kind of question you should ask if you want to check the interest of the person in spending his free time.
  • Describe your Biggest Failure and Success. :This is a frequently asked question to assess the biggest achievement and failure of one’s whole life.
  • What do you want to achieve which is not in your hand? :This question will help to understand the eagerness of a person or his passion.
  • What one thing would you do if you Get your Childhood Back? :Many people ask this question to know if a person gets his childhood back, how will he react and what foolishness will he try to do.
  • Describe one Superpower you would Like to have Now? :The benefit of asking this question will let the inquirer understand the mental level of a person when he gets in power. How will he behave with the rich or poor? And how will he use the superpower given to him?
  • Weaker Friend or Efficient Enemy? :Whom will you prefer a weaker friend or an efficient enemy? A question like this is asked when we want to find out how does a person thinks for others and how does he consider others whom he might confront.
  • If you rule this world for one day, what would you like to change? :Ask this question if you want to see the positivity or negativity in oneself. His focuses and thinking towards surrounding can be checked by hitting this question.
  • Comfortable with Female or Male Workers to Work in a Team? :You must ask this question to check if his comfort zone is more in favor of the females or males and why does he feel so?
  • Better in Assigned Work or Leadership? :What does he prefer and how does he feel convenience, to do a work assigned to him or lead a team? This is an important question if we want to understand the comfort of a person.
  • Do you have any Kind of Disorder or Strange Phobia? :This question will ensure a person’s mental health which is important if you are going to hire someone. This will make you aware of the possible weaknesses of a person.
  • Do you Feel Comfortable in Gathering or Staying Alone? :Ask this question if you want to know the preference of someone. Does he feel good when he is in gathering or feel comfortable staying alone at home?
  • What is your favorite TV show? :We can ask this question to check his personality and to check the kind of TV channels he likes or the programs he is interested in. This also is helpful checking if the person spends his time watching informative things or not.
Questions To Get to Know Your Employee.

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