Negative Effects of Social Media on Communication

Negative Effects of Social Media on Communication Skills

If you are in hurry and want to know the negative effects of social media on communication then our answer is the changed way of talking, usage of short forms in conversation, usage of internet slang, lack in using native language and communication gap between people. But if you want a detailed guide then I will suggest you to go through our complete guide on the negative effects of social media on communication.

Whether it’s verbal or non-verbal communication, it is badly affected by social media nowadays.

“From internet slang to shortcuts of language our people are affected badly and most of them are unaware of this fact”.

Lets us discuss these points in more detail by clearing some following facts.

10 Negative Effects of Social Media on our Communication

  • People Talk Less:

    The frequent use of social media is leading us to the situation where people try to avoid talking with each other.

    People prefer to spend time using Facebook and Twitter instead of spending time with the family. They remain busy enjoying chats on the different mediums of social applications and think as it is more happening and enjoyable to use such gadgets than spending time with the parents and siblings.

    I guess there is a phenomenon in their minds that their parents are not much intelligent and efficient and will make them bore by repeating old stories and giving lectures for their future so they find it boring sitting in their company.

  • Change in Communication Style :

    Social media has such influential power that attracts the users quickly. Our new generation has developed a habit of using a different style to write and communicate. Their way of speaking and writing is not according to the formal style but they use the short form to communicate.

    Very specially, it is now seen that some students use short language i.e. “I m a boy n I like 2 play f8ball”, “u r lokin gr8” etc. Kids often are seen using this language at their homes.

  • Use of Short Forms in Conversation :

    As we have talked earlier that the power that the social media has is not ordinary so it is now attacking directly to the conversation of teenagers who spend 90% of their time using social media. They use the words that show modernism and smartness.

    Some words have now become a trend i.e. “SWAG, LOL, LOLZ, OMG, LEVEL” etc. these are the words that can’t be understood sometimes unless there is another person who is as much active on social media.

  • Lack in Using Native Language :

    People who use social media excessively remains far from their native language. They lack in command of speaking their own native language properly and completely. They become habitual of using those special words and sentences that do not allow them to even think of what their actual language is.

    The parents do not bother as they also have developed the habit of using social media and they consider this style a trend that everyone is following nowadays. So, the parents also do not bother if their children are going far from their native language rather, they enjoy it.

  • Less Communication Skills :

    The people who are habitual of communicating on social media have less abilities especially in terms of informative skills. Earth is growing rapidly and day by day we are seeing people who are introducing numerous and uncountable modern methodologies in different fields.

    People who remain busy using social media do not find time for learning new communication skill. There constant attention to social communication does not allow them to explore and contribute. It lessens the research habit of its users. People try to spend time communicating with their friends instead of exploring new techniques that can be economically beneficial for them in their future.

negative effects of social media on communication

Negative Impact of Social Media on Communication

  • Youth has started using abusive language:

  • We are fully aware of the kind of shows and programs that we find on social media and the kind of disadvantages we find as a result of watching and hearing them. We see few characters and well-known personalities use such abusive an inappropriate language which is not acceptable for any civilized person to use with anyone. You know what happens? Our youth got attacked by this. Our young generation is fully under pressure of having this so called “SWAG”. Youngsters try to imitate those inappropriate languages and start using this bloody abusive language among their friends or relatives and sometimes in front of their parents too. They consider themselves to be the modern and the coolest person on the earth of speaking such rubbish in front of everyone. The element of taking care of the selection of the words is now completely ignored.

social media impact on human interaction
  • Elimination of efficient and face to face communication :

    The excessive use of social media causes the decrease in interpersonal communication. In early times where people were less aware of the social networks, people were more efficient in talking to others. They preferred face to face conversations which now got eliminated due to the social media.

  • Lack of Confidence While Speaking:

    Social app users lack confidence as compare to those who do not use it frequently. They feel hesitation in communicating with others face-to-face. People who talk to their family and friends face-to-face have more courage to speak and it boosts their level of confidence. Social sites addicts try to avoid gatherings where they feel they can be asked different sorts of questions. They feel no power and can’t put their opinion when you make them sit among people.

    It happens because they are used to communicate with others alone in their rooms where no one is watching them. Interacting only through mobile phones affects the ability to confront people face-to-face.

  • Communication gap between family and relatives :

    As of using social media all the time, people have developed a vast gap of communication between them and their family or relatives. They speak less with their peers and family members as this is considered to be less important and unnecessary for them.

  • Decreases the Spam of Thinking :

    Thinking and exploring can increase a person’s mental ability. It is like when you do not think and use your mental abilities, your mind gets locked and restricted that does not allow you to come out of your ease zone. The people who use social apps every time, can’t think more as its use decreases the spam of their thinking.

    Sitting alone and communicating is a thing that forbids its addict to explore. They give preference to maintain their status quietly on WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram instead of using this time with a face-to-face healthy conversation with their colleagues to explore different new thoughts and ideas. They even do not want to sit in the company of the trained employees that can help and guide them.

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