Most Common Reasons for Divorce

Common Reasons for Divorce between Couples

Do you know what are the most common reasons for divorce in the USA, UK, Canada, and Europe? Why the trend of divorce is rising day by day? Stay tuned and read this complete post for all the answers.

If we look at the most common reasons for divorce, infidelity, extra-marital affairs, and physical abuse lead the count. While the other reasons may be finical instability, unable to compromise, lack of understanding and health issues. Still, many relation advisers claim that infidelity is the factor that is causing most of the breakups.

Experts are of the view that these affairs start as a friendship. Which turns into an emotional and, finally, a physical affair. Many people fall for someone else unwillingly, but others do it on purpose. It happens due to many reasons that also account for divorce.

Top and Most Common Reasons of Divorce

Most Common Reasons for Divorce
1Infidelity and Extra-marital Affairs
2Financial Issues
3Responsibility of Children
4Unable to Compromise
5Health Issues
6Careless Attitude Towards Marriage
7Poor Communication
8Violence and Abuse
9Long-Distance Relationship Problems

Divorce has escalated exponentially, especially in western countries. Many factors contribute to it and are crucial for modern studies to diminish the chances of divorce. These studies also help in maintaining a happy and healthy family. Divorce is often the last retreat and is considered when you have tried everything possible to work the marriage out. But it, still, isn’t appreciated in any community.

Marriages in Eastern Culture

In Eastern societies, a male’s affair is usually overlooked by the families, but when the wife is involved, it is dealt very aggressively by society. This biased attitude from families is another reason why people go for divorce.

Family support is an element that can determine whether a divorce may occur or not shortly. If both the families are supportive of each other and are in a close relationship with their son/daughter-in-law, it minimizes the chances of divorce. Basic pre-martial education is the factor that is ignored by almost all societies in the world.

Marriages in Western Culture

Usually, in western culture, most of the ladies are not housewives. But they work as an individual to generate some income for themselves. You can simply say that there are more working women in western culture as compared to eastern culture.

Common Reasons for Divorce and Breakups

Infidelity and Extra-martial Affairs

Infidelity is also known as adultery or cheating in a relationship. It means a state or action of being unfaithful to your partner. It has many forms too but this is the most common reasons for divorce and breakups. Especially in western culture. Nowadays, this ration has been increased in eastern culture too.

According to a famous brand, the following are countries where the factor of infidelity is seen the most.


Responsibilities of Children

The children are not aware of their responsibilities after marriage and are not trained about the dynamics. And how life changes when they have another person dependent on them. This is why they lack compromising efforts and do not understand how to tackle the daily-life issues. It then leads to irreversible damage.

Financial instability is another factor that correlates with pre-marital education.

Financial Stability

This issue is raised by women, mostly. When husbands are not well-off or financially stable, instead of compromising women seek refuge from their marriage. This escape can mount back to the absence of the necessary marital education of the woman. Health issues are also a determinant for divorce. People usually bailout of these responsibilities. And if the husband or wife is suffering from a terminal ailment, the other backs out.

Health & Fertility

The health of another person becomes crucial when it comes to pregnancy issues, if a woman or man is infertile, families usually opt for divorce. Divorce may also occur due to a lack of communication between the partners. Problems arise in every relationship, but they are hyped when people stop communicating and talking it out.

People prefer moving on with grudges in their hearts, and soon these little insecurities turn into mistrust, agony, and hatred. In western societies, couples drift out emotionally and file for divorce. On the contrary, eastern families try to sort these issues out before taking the ultimate step. The intervention of families and elders is the only reason for the low divorce rate in eastern societies.

Violence in Marriages Cause Divorce

Violence accounts for more than 30% of divorces around the globe. It is prevalent in male-chauvinistic societies. Abuse can be physical, emotional, and sexual. The victims in the west usually call out the perpetrator, but in eastern societies, women are forced to stay quiet. This domestic abuse develops over time and becomes more intense in every subsequent cycle. Constant abuse and violence ultimately end in divorce, if the victim survives. The welfare organizations have keenly tackled this factor through anger management sessions and rehab centers.

Physical Abuse

Violence does not begin as physical abuse. The root cause of domestic abuse is constant arguing. Husband and wife both indulge in arguments that become fierce with time, and men retaliate using power and masculinity. Hence, if one aims to restrain abuse, they have to start with abstaining from arguments. This also links back to pre-marital education. Parents must train their children to listen to the other person and make sacrifices when required. This mutual understanding forms the basis of any successful relationship.

Pertaining to modern causes of divorce, substance abuse takes charge. News channels report such issues daily, and it prevails in the families where both the husbands and wives work. People don’t even realize what they do when they are under the effect of such substances.

Decision Making

In many cases, it is seen that people regret their decisions and actions after they have recovered from the effects. Even if societies try to deal with this situation, substance abuse is quite difficult to handle. It is so because most of these activities are illegal and not reported. Compared to these major and probable factors, many oblivious factors like weight gain also play their role in divorce.

Most Common Reasons for Divorce

If one of the partners, mostly women, become obese, they lose physical and sexual attraction. The other partner then bails out of the relationship and finds solace in extra-marital affairs. It is, although unfair and judgmental but it is what it is.

Other factors that contribute to divorce include marriages at young ages, lack of intimacy and commitment, mistrust, inequality, too many expectations, and forceful marriages. All of these factors are paramount in eastern societies. Illiterate people who are not financially stable marry their daughters at a young age. Overpopulation also adds its fair share in these incidents.

Equal Rights

Also, women are not given equal rights in these societies, and hence, inequality leads to abuse and divorce. Love marriages are out of the question in strict eastern families. I found out; children are forced to marry somewhere else. It not only ruins two lives but also creates an imbalance among families for generations. People also try to marry their sons to young women due to societal insecurities.

Conclusion about Common Reasons for Divorce in USA, UK, Canada and Europe

So, we have elaborated in detail the most common reasons for divorce and breakup. All these events lead to a marriage that is unstable and ends up in divorce. They correlate with each other, and women are the usual victims in these cases. But one thing to keep in mind is that no marriage is perfect. There are ups and downs in every relationship. But instead of making up for their flaws or compromising, people find it best to step back from the relationship. They need to realize that divorce affects them individually, their families and their generations. And children suffer the most if parents go for divorce. Family planning, hence, is crucial and must be incorporated into anyone who is planning to marry and live a merry life.

We never encourage breakups. So, by reading these most common reasons for divorce, you can take care of your healthy relationship.

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