Most Common Marriage Problems

The Most Common Marriage Problems

Many married couples have to face problems after marriage. Some of them are common problems while others are serious problems as well. Now, the problem is to identify and solve these issues before it’s too late. These common marriage problems can lead to divorce too.

It’s true that newly married couples often face different kinds of problems as compared to others. Let us discuss in detail about common problems in marriage and how to solve them.

Some Common Questions about Marriage Problems:

  • What Causes Marriage Problems? :
    Almost every married couple has to face some problems. Those who know that how to solve them and the people who are willing to compromise often live a peaceful life. While others think about breakup or divorce.
    There are multiple problems that can cause marriage problems. The difference in nature and behavior, unable to compromise and control your anger are the most common reason that causes marriage problems. We will also discuss other problems in detail.
  • What are the Signs your Marriage is in Trouble? :
    The difference in opinion is a pretty normal thing because two minds can have different thoughts. But the problem starts when you have disputes on a daily basis or you quarreling so often. Here are some other signs
  1. Your partner is thinking of breakup or divorce
  2. You are thinking about a new relationship (An Affair)
  3. Escalating fights and other issues
  4. No Communication & Sexual relationship
  5. No one is willing to compromise

Common Problems in Marriage

  • Sex Problems in Marriage:

    In long term relationships, physical intimacy is necessary but it is also a reason for many breakups and divorces. Sexual problems in a relationship can occur due to many reasons. Loss of libido is considered as the most common sexual problem between the couples.

    Other issues can be a difference in age or any physical issues as well. When there is a huge difference in age between married couples there are greater chances of issues related to the sexual relationship. Some of the couples can compromise on these issues while others don’t.

  • Communication Problems in Marriage:

    Whether it’s a marriage, business or any other relationship your communication is the key to success. When you communicate properly and effectively you can find solutions to many major problems as well. The same is the case in marriages and relationships.

    We can simply say that communication problems in marriage are destroying our relationships that also include a lack of communication between partners.

    • most common marriage problems
      • Infidelity :

        Yes, without any doubt infidelity is the most common problem in marriage. It is also the most common reason that leads to divorce as well. Infidelity means that you are having an affair or you are cheating your partner.

        In most of breakups and divorce issues, infidelity is the main reason. In a relationship, infidelity can be due to multiple reasons. Many married couples and advisors are working hard to find its solution.

      • Money Problems:

        There are multiple sayings about the money like some people say that “money makes the mare go”, while others might say that “more money, more problems”. Whatever the scenario is, money is also a reason for most marriage problems.

        In most cases, financial stress is the main problem. When you have less income and more expenditures it leads to some serious issues. In most underdeveloped countries, many marriages are failed due to this issue.

        While in some of the cases more money is a problem. You spend less time with family and always think that where to spend this money or how to earn more.

      • Unrealistic Expectations from the Partner:

        “My partner is changed now after some days of marriage” is the most common sentence that we listen from the married couples usually. In some cases, this claim can be genuine while for other the reason might be that you have set some very unrealistic expectations from your partner.

        Before understanding this problem you should know about the term “expectation gap”. This gap is created when we unable to fulfill the expectation of others. Similarly, some expectations are real while otherwise unrealistic. When we set some unrealistic expectations from our partner than an expectations gap is created.

        Similarly, when expectations are not fulfilled it leads to anger, frustration, disappointment, and loss of trust too. Here are some examples of unrealistic expectations:

        1. You expect that your partner to leave every other thing and spend all the time with you
        2. Comparison of your relation with other like Romcom
        3. Expect your parent to read your mind and understand nonverbal communication
      • Daily Life Stress :

        Our every upcoming day is full of new challenges. Due to many factors usually, we have to face some stress in our daily life. Reasons can be your the loss of your job, any illness, financial issues, etc. These factors have a direct impact on your personal and married life. So, this is also a reason for most common marriage problems.

      • Unbearable Habits :

        Marriage problems can be classified into common or serious problems. There can be some issues that might be unbearable for your partner. Let’s discuss some of the serious and unbearable issues. The issue is created when your partner is a drug addict. Most of the people are unable to compromise on this issue.

      • Unable to Maintain Work-life Balance:

        Another common issue is that people are unable to maintain their work-life balance. They have no or very little time for their partner that can cause some serious issues as well. This also leads to a lack of communication and understanding between two peoples.

        Most married couples often complaints that their partner is not listening to them due to the extra workload. Sometimes these small problems lead to a serious issue. So, you must not ignore these issues.

      • Technology Issues :

        Technology has created some massive impacts on our lives. Some of them good while others are destructive. We have already seen the severe negative effects of social media on family relationships.

        Cell phones are destroying our personal relationships. Many married people complaints that their partner uses mobile very often and it is the reason for divorce in many cases. Social media, the Internet and cell phones have created a negative impact on your life.

        Lack of conversion, no attention in domestic issues are some common problems that technology gadgets have created in our lives.

      • Lack of Trust :

        Trust is always the backbone of any relationship. Couples having issues of trust always spend an irritating life. Trust is very necessary for a healthy relationship but always remember that trust and insecurity are two different factors.

        Insecurity in a relationship can also occur when you love your partner very much. It can happen when people think that someone will attract or steal their partner.

        While issues of trust are a bit different. It might include that you are keeping an eye or spying on your partner. In some cases checking of your personal things like mobile phones, social media accounts can happen.

      • Unable to Control your Anger and Expressions:

        Your spouse or partner needs your love, care, and affection not your anger.
        Rage and anger are such things that can completely destroy your marriage or even any other relation too. Your partner may bear your anger for a while but the end will be a frustration for sure.

        You can have a difference of opinion in your judgments but if they end in anger this is not a good sign for your marriage. Similarly, rage is also dangerous that usually results in fights and frequent outbursts too.

      • Common Marriage Problems and Solutions

        In the upper section, we have described the most common marriage problems and issues. Now the question is how to fix common marriage problems?

        There are some problems that can be fixed but in some worst cases, the answer is no or breakups.

        How do I deal with stress in my marriage?

        People ask us how to deal with the stress in a marriage. Its answer is simple that you should ask your partner whether you want to continue your relationship or is it over. If both of you are willing you must keep in mind the following points in order to lower stress in your marriage.

        • Improve your Communication:

          In any relation communication matters a lot, or you can say it is the backbone of any relationship. Your many serious problems are often solved when you just sit back and talk to each other about your issues.

          So, it is quite important to improve communication between both of you.

        • Lower Your Expectations:

          Whether you are a husband or a wife you should know the difference between stories, characters, and the real world. The purpose is that you should be able to differentiate between expectations and realities.

          The T.V stories, novels are sometimes very different from our real world

        • Spend Some Good Time:

          Instead of running away from your problems and differences always try to spend some good time with each other. Differences always become extreme when you start running away from each other and talk less.

          Although we all are spending a very busy life but try to maintain a work-life balance. This is the only way you can spend a happy life. You must remember that your personal life and family is also important.

        • Understand the Purpose of your Marriage:

          The simple purpose of marriage is to help your partner in both good and bad times. Have a healthy relationship, a family and spread love. If one of you is angry or short-tempered, the other one should keep calm to avoid any inconvenience.

          Time is such a great factor that heals everything. If you have any problems just talk and stay with each other whatever the circumstances are. In most of the cases, the result would be a successful life.

          However, if you are suffering from any abuse like physical or sexual abuse you must take some serious actions instead of compromising.

        How do I deal with stress in my marriage

        • Avoid Infidelity:

          You must avoid infidelity in any case whatever the reasons or circumstances are. It’s a serious issue that can lead your relationship to divorce. If you have already done a mistake or have kept a secret relationship you should know “how to save my relation after I have cheated with my partner“.

          You can just apologize and should show sincerity for the rest of life. Next is up to partner.

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