Most Common Long Distance Relationship Problems

Long Distance Relationship Problems – Some Serious Issues

I know that long distance relationship problems are complex and difficult to handle. That’s why we have decided to point out the most common long distance relationship problems.

We are sure that you must have faced situations where you needed to maintain a long distance relationship and you must then know how hard it can get! Unless you’re of the few fortunate ones who never got into a long distance relationship, you must be aware of the problems that come with such relations. This isn’t just about long distance relations, almost every relationship has problems but how are these problems any different? Let’s find out! There are many problems that arise when you are in a long distance relationship but here are some of the most common and prominent ones.

6 Most Common Long Distance Relationship Problems

1- Miscommunication

One major problem that arises for people who are making long-distance relationships work is miscommunication. When you are messaging, texting, emailing, or using skype for talking, you may say things that may be miscommunicated. If these messages are not conveyed properly, severe misunderstandings can arise. This is particularly true when partners are using a sarcastic or ironic tone as this can easily be misconceived. With the absence of body gestures, hand movements, and eye contact it may get difficult to get your message across as there is a fear that the other might get you wrong.

Common Long Distance Relationship Problems

2- Loneliness

Another thing common for long distance relationships is loneliness. This loneliness usually arises as you feel the distance between you and your partner growing and you begin to feel that they aren’t with you. Moreover, for those who live in different time zones, loneliness can be a big problem. While one partner is fast asleep, the other is wide awake. This difference in times makes it difficult to take out time to talk to one another. At other times, you and your partner’s time schedules might not be matchmaking it more difficult to call and talk to one another. All this combined, may give you a feeling of loneliness and make you believe that such a long distance relationship was not such a good idea.

3- Being too Busy to Talk

Apart from feeling lonely about being misconceived, there is also a problem of being busy that comes in the way of a good relationship. Especially if two partners are living in different time zones, their schedules and free times will differ greatly. When one is free, the other might be busy. This feeling in itself of being busy and unable to match the time to talk, will, for you, be frustration in itself. Hence, with a long distance relationship at hand and so much to juggle at your place, communication might get tough and hence lead to relationship issues. And then at the end of the day, no one is to blame because both were busy with their own works.

4- Becoming Drifted Away

Many long distance relationships might have come to an end because they feel that they have drifted apart from one another. Beginning with simple late replies to your messages moving on to canceling plans, video calls, etc. you might feel that the distance between you two is growing. Many times what happens here, we all know, is that by the time people grow up, they no longer want you to be a plan of their future. And mostly, by the time you discover you are drifting apart, it is already too late. Your bond is already broken and the value that once existed is now gone. It’s sad how long distance relations can make people drift away so easily. With this distance growing, the relationship may even come to an awful end. Such complaints of drifting away are quite common with long distance relations.

5- Issues of Trust and Honesty

Sometimes, this long distance relationship may even make you feel paranoid in your views about your partner. Since long distance relations, people are not able to spend a lot of time together, they may feel that they didn’t get enough time to build each other’s trust. And we all know that relationships cannot exist without trust. Can they? In many cases, people may make relations with those whom they had met online. As there is a lack of connection, there is a great chance of both partners having trust issues or any such problems. With such crucial issues of honesty and trust (the basics of a relation), it becomes difficult to hold the long distance relationship and bind it. And then if the foundation of your relationship is weak, we all know that it isn’t going to last wrong. Aren’t we right?

6. Time constraints

Some people who are caught in long distance relationships may feel that they are so caught up in their own lives that they don’t have any time to spend with their partner. At other times, people may be overworked and overburdened that they completely miss out on taking time for their loved ones. This isn’t just restricted to a marriage relationship, it generally applies to all long-distance relationships. With such restrictions from time, it gets difficult to find time to communicate with your partner.

Long distance relationship problems

That may actually give rise to greater and amplified problems in the long run. When one of the partners is free, the other might be busy. This feeling in itself of being busy and unable to match the time to talk, will, for you, be frustration in itself. Relationships cannot last with all that frustration being build up. The frustration of not being able to talk, meet, communicate, may have a negative impact on a closely-knit relationship.

Conclusion About the Long Distance Relationship Problems

We have shared long distance relationship problems in detail. You see, long distance relationships may not be the ideal ever option for you if you plan to ensure the safety of your relationship. If you want a relationship to continue and go ahead, you might want to consider alternative options to this. Long distance relationship comes with its own drawbacks which we have discussed here. If you consider the above-mentioned problems with such relations, maybe you will want to change your mind.

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