How to save a marriage when only one is trying

Some Useful Tips to Save a Marriage When only One is Trying

We have already shared how to save your marriage on the brink of divorce. Now another critical question is, can you save a marriage when only one is trying? Well, that is not easy to answer, or you can say that its chances are low. In this article, we will share some useful tips about how to save a marriage when only one is trying.

Let’s discuss a bit about our older generation. I have to admire our elders because most of them were interested in saving their marriages as opposed to our current age. Still, we will share some useful tips that you should follow if you want to save your marriage alone

Can One Person Save a Marriage?

Here the scenario is that you want to save a marriage when the only one is trying, either husband or wife. Let’s discuss a famous example that our ancestors have used for married couples. Our elders say that marriage is like a vehicle where husband and wife are like wheels. When both of the wheels are running well it’s perfect. But when one of the wheels is not performing your vehicle will not run.

So, it’s quite challenging to save a marriage when the only one is trying. Remember it’s difficult but not impossible. You can save a marriage when only one is trying by using some best practices.

How to Save my Marriage Alone

It’s a quite normal reaction that one of the partners is interested in divorce, while others want to save the marriage. In this case, we can say that only one of you is trying to save the marriage

  • Demand for a Second Chance :

    Even if one of you has decided to end up the relationship, the other has to ask for a second chance. This is very normal and in this life, everyone has the right to deserve a second chance. Here the circumstances are different, i.e. only one of you is willing to save your marriage. So, the other has to convince him/her about the second chance to save their marriage.

    We are not sure that this thing will work but at least you will never regret this decision too. In this way, you can get ample time to think about the ways to save your marriage alone. During this time duration, you can come up with an effective plan to save your marriage, e.g. improve your communication, getting physical attention and much more.

  • Never Give Up :

    Our life is full of extreme challenges. Even except marriages, we have to face new and upcoming challenges every day. So, if you want to save your marriage alone, the first step is that you must make your mind and never give up. We know that is not such an easy task, but still, it’s also not impossible.

    If you love your partner and are not ready for a breakup get prepared to fight for your marriage alone. It’s only you that can change things. Even you can see the many cases when couples have saved their marriages alone.

    You have to set a goal and move forward towards it without any delay. We know it’s a tough time. You can also read the quotes about going through tough times for the positive motivation.

How to Save my Marriage Alone
  • Never Use Any Tactics :

    When you want to save a marriage alone, the common tactics will not work for you. In most of the marriage, couples use pressure tactics like blackmailing your spouse, informing your relatives about the issues and blaming each other.
    Here the conditions are different; you are the only one who is interested in saving a marriage and alone too.

    Remember, everyone has free will, and you cannot force anyone to live with you in any case even. If you do that the feeling and love would not be there.

  • Keep Quiet and Bear the Things :

    When you love someone from the bottom of your heart, you have to bear somethings to save relationships. When your partner is angry at you and is asking for the divorce, you have to deal with the patience. Just keep quiet and focus on positive things. If you want to save your marriage alone, your arguments will not work even they are valid.

    Some things are not bearable in any case even you are trying to save your marriage alone. These things may include physical abuse, sexual abuse, etc.

  • Change your Attitude & Thinking Style :

    Your attitude is everything in your life, and it defines your personality as well. If you can’t change any fact, you have to change yourself for it. If you know that your spouse doesn’t love you anymore, just accept it for the time being. In the next step start identifying the things that your spouse doesn’t like about you.

    If your partner starts changing by this strategy, it means you are successful. In short, you have to avoid everything that can make your partner annoy or angry.

  • Focus on the Severe or Genuine Issues Only :

    Every married couple has to face some ups and downs after the marriage. There are some problems known as common marriage problems; others are known as severe marriage problems. When your marriage is on a point when one of you is thinking about breakup or divorce then there are some serious issues.

    Usually, for most of the married couples, serious issues are infidelity, incompatibility, etc. You can sit and talk about the severe problems and must ignore the common issues if you want to save your marriage alone.

    We have seen some cases in which a person is even willing to compromise on serious issues like infidelity but not ready for a divorce.

  • Consult a Marriage Counselor or Any Professional :

    If you are the only one who is trying to save your marriage, a professional person can help you. Here the professional is called a marriage counselor. All you have to do is to search for a good marriage counselor to save your relationship.

  • Try to Catch Physical, Emotional and Intellectual Attraction :

    If you want to save your marriage alone you have to grab the physical, emotional and intellectual attraction of your spouse.
    By physical attraction “I mean your looks”. I am not saying that you have to undergo plastic surgery or any operation.
    You just have to maintain yourself and focus on the things that your spouse likes about you, e.g. like your hairs, face, etc.

    Similarly, for intellectual attraction keep your mind active and be proactive always. Remember the people will like you if you are mentally sharp, dumb people are ignored by our society.

    By emotional attraction, we mean that you have to stay with your partner in his/her hard times. In your good time, everyone is with you, but there are a few people that will stand with you in your tough times. In this way, you can also get the attraction of your spouse.

  • Face and Accept the Truth :

    Let’s suppose that you have made all the efforts and still your partner is not interested in you. What to do now? In this case, we will recommend you to face the truth. We understand that when you love some, the pain of a breakup is very severe.

    Marriage is such a relationship that cannot be continued forcefully. There are a couple of secret things between husbands and wives. Similarly, you cannot force anyone to keep any relationship with you. All you have to do is to understand the will and decision of your partner after a second or third chance.

Conclusion About Saving a Marriage AloneWhen Only One is willing

You can try all the above mentioned best practices if you want to save your marriage alone. There are some chances that you can save your marriage alone by adopting these best practices in your life. But still, if you fail, remember that accept the truth and make a decision on your own. Like we have repeated many times that you can’t continue a relationship forcefully especially if it is a marriage.

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