How to End an Unhealthy Relationship

How to End an Unhealthy Relationship – Some Recommended Ways

Although we don’t encourage divorce and breakups as they are not a good sign for our society. But here we are going to discuss some clear ways about how to end an unhealthy relationship.

In some cases, we might find ourselves in unhealthy and wrong sort of relationships which make us more unhappy than happy. We know that these relationships are not right, yet we choose to stick to them.

People face some difficulties when it comes to putting an end to a relationship they find is unhealthy. You are faced with a choice; live in an unhealthy relationship and suffer the pain or make a way out for yourself. Which do you think is better? Isn’t it better to get out of a bad relationship once and for all? For many, the answer will be the latter.

Most of the people also ignore the warning signs of an unhealthy relationship that is not a good practice at all.

Even though some people tolerate and move with the relation, most will back out quickly. Which option do you choose and why?

Before you go on to the answer, here, discussed are a few ways to end an unhealthy relationship. They may be helpful to you if you find yourself stuck in an unhealthy relationship. So, make sure to read them.

Best Tips to End an Unhealthy Relationship

How to End an Unhealthy Relationship

1- Make your Mind that it’s Time to End the Relationship and Know that the Decision is Yours

Before deciding to walk away, you should be sure that you’re ready to say goodbye to the unhealthy relationship. So when do you know that it’s time?
One sign will be that all the interactions feel hurtful and there is no sign of change. Although relationships are all about compromise, sometimes when you feel uncomfortable and insecure around the person, it’s a clear sign that you need to get out of that unhealthy relationship. Once you’ve decided that the relationship is unhealthy, you need to take the step.

At the very end of the day, the decision to end and get out of an unhealthy relationship is yours. Even when the end decision is yours, there will be people who can help you out and keep you on track.

Your family, friends may be good social advisors and helpers but the final decision falls upon you! If you find clear signs of dissatisfaction in the relationship and feel like it’s hard to make it go along, you may need to reconsider being there in the first place.

If you’ve decided that the relationship is unhealthy, you need to move ahead with the counseling of friends and family. Nonetheless, be bold enough to make the decision you think is right!

2- Grieving the Loss

Much like human emotions, grieving too is a human emotion, and it comes naturally when a relationship comes to an end.

Grieving is a crucial part of letting go of unhealthy relations which points out to sadness of things that you will be missing along with bad feelings about the person involved. Stopping the feelings, blocking them out will never be a good option.

That is why you need to grieve over ending the relationship before moving ahead properly. Feelings need to be experienced because it is a crucial part of moving on.

Without properly experiencing the feeling, be it sadness or happiness, you cannot move along!

3- Try to Bless the Person as You Walkout

To keep yourself peace and ease, its best that you forgive and bless the person as you walk out. Once the painful feelings come to an end, you may find ease in forgiving the person who was involved in an unhealthy relationship.

Ending an unhealthy relationship will mean putting aside all the wrong feelings and moving on away from whatever happened.

More so, to forgive and bless, considering the person only human to err and make mistakes. This is not only better for the other person but for yourself too because it helps to keep you at ease. This is not to say that wishing good for them is easy.

The only thing is that it will help to keep you at ease knowing that you still want the better for them.

4- Don’t Feel Like Your Partner Needs to Be Rescued by You

An end to an unhealthy relationship may not be easy for either partner. When you suffer from the pain, your partner does too and in such a case, there is no need for you to try to be the savior. If you have difficulty moving out of the relation, so does he.

If he doesn’t come to your help why should you? Either way, you cannot prevent those feelings of grief, sadness, and difficulty for arising so you really aren’t responsible for them or for helping your partner through them.

Once you understand that this isn’t your responsibility, it will get easier for you to move out of the relationship. Your partner can rescue himself/herself.

You don’t need to do that for him. If he/she was an unhealthy relationship, your best move is to clear the way for him and for yourself.

How to End an Unhealthy Relationship

Conclusion about the Ways to End an Unhealthy Relationship

So, the above mentioned are the best ways to end an unhealthy relationship.

Concluding, we can suggest that it will not be easy to know when the time is right to get out of an unhealthy relationship. Yet there are certain signs that you need to keep your eyes open for. The ways suggested above give a good insight into ending the wrong relation yet moving on with your life.

What we have to understand here is that life doesn’t end with a single person. Leaving an unhealthy relationship isn’t the end of the world. Many others will be more willing to welcome you with open hands.

A simple piece of advice hence will be to approach your close family and friends for help, suggestions, and counseling. One thing is that you have to look at yourself before looking at your partner. If he is facing a hard time, you are too! In such a case, rather than worrying about him/her, you need to worry about yourself. All the above discussion suggests a good way you can come to an end an unhealthy relation without it having much effect on you and the fraction of effect that does exist will die out as you move along the way.

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