How to Deal with Conflict in a Relationship

How to Deal with Conflict in a Relationship

Conflicts in Relationships

It doesn’t matter how much you love your partner, you both are going to have your differences. You both are going to have pointless fights and you are going to argue over meaningless things. But that does not mean you stop loving each other. You will often disagree with your partner. You will have conflicts over things. But it does not weaken your bond to your partner. All you have to do is to learn how to resolve these conflicts instead of letting it destroy your relationship.

However, conflicts in a relationship might want you to end things with your partners for the time being. But when you relax and calm down you would consider resolving your fights. At times you feel sad when your significant other does something that you don’t like, you should often consider remaining silent. If you remain silent, it will make them think where they went wrong. But if you remain silent for too long, it will make things worse for you. Lack of communication destroys a relationship. Even if you both are mad at each other for whatever reason, communication is the key.

What is a Conflict?

Conflict, in other words, could be known as disagreements or arguments. When people in a relationship disagree with each other and fight over pointless things, conflict arises. Conflict if not resolved on time can lead to serious problems and can often lead to completely ending things between the two. Hence, it is always necessary to discuss the matter and find solutions to the problem instead of staying silent and letting these conflicts kill your relationship.

How to Deal with Conflict in a Relationship

These conflicts can also make a person angry which can cause you to exhibit negative behaviors unconsciously. For example, you might display a rude attitude at work and make a negative image in the minds of coworkers. It can cause mental stress, anxiety as well as depression. Therefore, conflicts in a relationship should not be taken lightly and left unresolved. Also, the worst we could do in anger is hurt the other person. Because definitely when you are close to a person, you know about their weak areas. Hence, when you are in a conflict, you make such harsh remarks that target those weak areas which could make things go wrong.

Fighting with your partner or arguing with your partner is totally normal. If you remain silent about something, it will torture you inside. Therefore, you need to speak up and let things out. If you don’t, it means you are keeping the problems to yourself. Talking about things and letting your partner know what is it that is bothering you can actually save your relationship from unnecessary fights and quarrels.

Effects of Conflicts on Relationships

One of the major effects of conflicts is its impact on the mental health of an individual. It increases the stress levels and causes anxiety to increase. It can also give rise to depression. Moreover, you will experience a continuous headache as the effects of conflict. If you are in a relationship where conflicts and fights have become a routine, you are seriously harming your mental and physical health. Therefore, you should either work on resolving the conflict or simply you should not let it affect as well as the impact you.

Conflict Resolving Tips & Strategies

If you want to save your relationship, you are required to resolve the conflict. If you want to do so, you would be required to consider a few tips and effective strategies that would definitely help you.

1- Communicate to Your Partner

Talking about things that bother you can save relationships and staying silent can destroy them. You and your partner should have an understanding that you both can openly talk about anything. It is crucial to talk about the positives as well as negatives of a relationship. If you have a feeling that talking about something that is bothering you will make your partner think in a certain way i.e. negative, you both certainly lack good understanding. While conversing about the problem, both should be completely focused.

2- Find the Root Cause of Problems

Talk and argue about a thing until you find the root cause of a problem. You should state to your partner all the things in his behavior or routine that are hurting you. Talk to them if you feel changing and ask them why. Talk to them if you feel they are drifting away and try to know why. Talk to them until you don’t find answers to all your “whys”. Once you get to know the answer to why you will the reason causing problems and ultimately things will get easy for you. Also, it is necessary to not put all the blame on your partner. You should also try to put yourself in their place and then evaluate their decisions, choices, behaviors, and attitudes.

3- Set Limits

Set some limits as well as boundaries in your relationship. You and your partner, both should treat each other with respect even when you are not at good terms. If your partner disrespects you while you are in an argument, you should definitely stop arguing and tell them first to not to disrespect you. If they still continue to do it, you should just leave them alone and let them realize their mistake on their own. Talk to them when they are sorry about it.

That may actually give rise to greater and amplified problems in the long run. When one of the partners is free, the other might be busy. This feeling in itself of being busy and unable to match the time to talk, will, for you, be frustration in itself. Relationships cannot last with all that frustration being build up. The frustration of not being able to talk, meet, communicate, may have a negative impact on a closely-knit relationship.

How to Deal with Conflict in a Relationship

4- Be Direct in Stating Your Problem

At times due to the fear of hurting your partner you are unable to state directly what’s hurting you. Instead, you just find indirect and unclear ways to state your problems which is wrong. This way your partner does not gain the right exposure to the things that are bothering you in a relationship. Hence in order to resolve conflicts, it is key to be direct in stating issues.

5- Stick to Your Problem

Generally, when couples are arguing about stuff that bothers them, they tend to include things which were bothering them months ago. Avoid doing this as this will create more problems. Stick to your resent problems and don’t drag in past.

Conclusion about ways to deal with a conflict in a relationship:

You might have heard about a famous sentence that “life is not a bed of roses” and for me, that is 100% correct. In this life, you might have to face some extremely difficult situations. Along with bonding, understanding with someone, you have to face the conflicts in relationships too. After many requests from the people, our advisors have published the best ways to deal with conflict in a relationship.

Even if you are enjoying a healthy relationship, you should know the ways to deal with conflict or deadlock in any relation.

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