How Social Media Affects Relationships

How Social Media Affects Relationships

Social networks are already an indispensable pillar in our lives. The Internet has changed not only the way we communicate with others but also the way we live our relationships. They can be useful to show our affection to the people we love, and even keep in touch with them. However, they can also lead to more than one problem. So, our main goal to publish this topic on this blog is to give awareness to the people about how social media affects relationships.

With the growing usage of social media, there are some problems that we often witness. People keep things/conversation secret from their spouse, by seeing other’s best moments they start comparing their life to the others. They spent more time on the internet instead of give time to their spouse. Similarly many other problems that occur due to extensive usage of the social media, that you will read later in this blog post. So, stay tuned.

These days the most common thing is to meet your partner online

Our way of relating has changed. Now, signs of affection, statements, and “I love you” can appear in a Facebook or Instagram post, followed by a “seen” on WhatsApp. Unfortunately, it seems that face-to-face communication is no longer necessary. Usually, today many relationships start within these social networks.

Love in times of the Internet carries new dimensions necessary to address, since through social networks, the vast majority of the time, our relationships go from being private to entering the public domain. Do you distrust the profiles you follow? Do you spend too much time interacting with other people? If the time has come when the virtual begins to have more weight than the real, it is necessary to establish those points in which the social networks play a positive and negative role in our relationships.

Problems of Social Networks in Relationships

With the growing innovation in technology, our lives become easier than ever. But this innovation in technology has some of the negative impacts on our lives too. It is observed that the usage of social media has increased in a significant amount since the last few years. People love to use social media to share their life occasions and events with the rest of the world but this habit brings some serious troubles in their relationship. Like, people spent more time with their smartphones compared to spent with their spouses. By spending more time using the phone or social media they get tired and do not spear their time to spend with the spouse to go out for dinner, movie, or shopping, etc.

According to the “Kimberly Holmes” the relationship expert from the ” Marriage Helper”, Social media is not the thing that decides to make or break your marriage but yes, the habits to spend more time on social media and ignore your spouse will definitely lead you to some serious problems.

Watch the following video by the ” Marriage Helper” in which “Kimberly Holmes” explains to you the most damaging problems that can hurt your relationship. Make sure you watch the video till the end.

Source: Marriage Helper

i- Keep Things Secret

Through social media, you can connect to the rest of the worlds and that’s how you make new friends as well as reconnect to the older ones. By broadening your socializing you may have to do more interaction with them by commenting or liking each other pictures. Such interaction increases to more comments and it may convert to the private messages. That is the time when you start hiding your online secrets to your spouse. This habit starts the trouble in your relationship.

You may not realize at the start but this habit increases your interest in communication with the other persons through private messages. You may act unpredictably to your spouse to hide such discussions, that can raise the red flag into the mind of your spouse.

ii- Comparing Your Spouse to Other Person

On social media, people share their life stories, lifestyle, their personality through the images and videos. By seeing them having fun you may start comparing your self or your spouse to the person or you may even compare your lifestyle to the other as well. That’s how you start dissatisfying with your life or what you have. According to the various studies ” Increase in social media usage and decrease your marital satisfaction” are interconnected with each other strongly.

Comparing Your Spouse to Other Person - How Social Media Affects Relationships

What does it mean he more you spent your time on social media the less happy they are with their marriage.

Another study that has published in the journal about ” Computers and Human Behaviour” reveals that those who do not use social media at all or less. Are 11% happier than those who use it frequently?

In short, it is pretty easy to fall into the comparison trap. When you trying to other’s life most enjoyable and highlighted moments to your real life that is you who will always on the losing side. So you should not compare your life to the other’s life.

iii- Time devision

It is the most damaging but silent effect. The more time you spent on social media the less time you spend with your spouse. It is observed that on many occasions couples are busy on their own phoned, they may be together in the same physical space but they are not together. They aren’t talking, they aren’t interacting. You need to have that interaction and communication when you are in the same physical space. You even need eye contact while discussing or interacting. The health and long-lasting marriage depend on it. If you spend quality time with your spouse this strengthens your relationship in the long term.

How Social Media Affects Relationships

By spending more quality time with your spouse you can strengthen your relationship like before. So you should use less social media and more interactions and communication with your spouse physically. Talk to him/her about each and everything or problem that you are facing on certain issues. Find valuable solutions to cure or counter those problems will heal your relationship faster and durable.

Following you will learn some more tips, guidelines about how social media least affect your relationship. So, stay tuned.

Guidelines and advice

Respect absolutely everything that your partner comments on social networks and never get worse, or be suspicious at the first change. If you have any discrepancies, feel free to comment and try to clear things up before everything starts to become a much bigger problem.

Be Faithful to Your Spouse

You should be faithful to your spouse, therefore you shouldn’t hide anything from your partner. It is good to have online friends but you should keep in your limits and do not dare to cross them. Do not perform any suspicious activity in front of your spouse which causes the rais of the red flag.

Be clear in the posts

Try to be as transparent as possible on social networks and in your management with them. Always make it clear that we all need our privacy and that you never have to explain to anyone – no matter how much your partner is – about the profiles you follow or the comments you make. However, you also have to understand that some posts can annoy the other person, and that is why it is better not to do them. We all have the right to have independence and freedom to be able to interact on social networks with whoever we want. Still, if at any time the other person, or yourself, mistrusts, or even the relationship falters because of it, you must speak it with total sincerity and maturity.

Ask permission to upload someone else’s photo

Just like if you want to upload an image with your partner, the first thing you should do is ask permission. Because you like to use social networks to declare your love, the other person does not have to be the same. Besides, we must try to avoid being an exhibitionist and express our love for our partner on social networks continuously. On many occasions, these behaviors end up oppressing and even wearing down the relationship. The affection is shown to the face, and in private, there is no need to shout it to the four winds through the Internet regularly.

The photos of ex-partners, the big question

Finally, one detail must be taken into account: the vast majority of people have a loving past on the networks. Social networks allow us to upload photographs of trips, special moments, or birthdays together with the person with whom a relationship has been maintained. What’s going on? That relationships end, but social networks do not. And in many cases, those images are still present in them even though the relationship has ended and, although those photographs are not decided to delete as it does not mean anything. Our current partner continues to feel something for that person, beyond a great love for everything living. So, it would help if you never obsessed over your partner’s virtual past, since you will only hurt yourself.

Final Thoughts About: How Social Media Affects Relationships

The Internet and social networks are tools that, in recent years, have changed a lot of some aspects of our relationships as a couple. If we know, how social media affects relationships and how to manage them properly, they are very beneficial means that offer a multitude of possibilities with which to strengthen couple bond. Therefore, do not get carried away only by some negative aspects that, if you want, you can avoid.

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