How Alcohol Ruins Marriages

How Alcohol Ruins Marriages? – A Detailed Explaination To Save Relationships

You might be searching that how alcohols ruins marriages? So, we will try to elaborate some shocking facts and figures related to that.

Extreme addiction to alcohol can cause a lack of communication between relationships, bad physical health (including sexual health), increased physical/domestic violence, financial instability, and stress. All these factors are strong enough to ruin your marriage and other relationships. This is how alcohol ruins our marriages. Let us elaborate on all these points for more explanation.

When there is excessive drinking, there is always some consequence to that. And when the disorder of excessive alcohol use has occupied and effected the lives of those people who created a union that is supposed to be bounded forever, it does not affect the particular life. Every bit of the affiliation and relation gets touched, when even one person is alcoholic or both. The (AUD) short form for Alcohol Use Disorder can give rise to many issues and problems because of persistent health issues.

  • Anxiety
  • Confusion
  • Depression
  • Frustration
  • Stress

Dilemma of Alcohol Marriage

In the marriage, the partners are bonded together in a connection of love, and the most important aspect is mutual respect. Because of the protectiveness and care for the partner, if a man is drinking, the constant keenness of his wife makes things like sidestep getting help gets easy. To become sober, he gets no inducement. She thinks that she is doing the best she can for him, and protecting the man from the significance of drinking extends its course.

If a person drinks and at the time of drunkenness, she tries to approach him because of consuetude, which is the most unpleasant time to communicate. In fact, the approaching can cause a trigger for a family war. If the women would not change herself in the course of conveying with the situation to make him improve himself, the situation will get even worse.

For several reasons, here are some of the main reasons that can damage the marriage to the point of breaking-up and get separated from a relationship that is expected to run forever. From the end of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, the main problem that arises between married couples when one of them is addicted.

  • Conflicts between Spouse
  • Adultery
  • Household Violence
  • Accidental pregnancy
  • Instability in finance
  • Stress and jealousy
  • Divorce

How Alcohol Ruins Marriages – Addiction Effects on Relationship


Communication in a marriage gets damaged and destroyed by the excessive use of alcohol. Then it becomes the main factor of separation, and that’s why marriage does not convalesce from it. Quarrel results when one or both persons are drinking and then check out from each other in the emotional level, and the taking get stopped with listening too. If the couples don’t hear each other out, then there will be a free rift and conflict of misunderstanding. In many circumstances, the manner of communication is very hostile and tense.

Emotional and Sexual Intimacy

Emotional and Sexual Intimacy gets suffered more from the negligence of communicating. The intense sexual relationship between a couple also helps to strengthen the bond of marriage. But drunker usually find themselves unable to carry out, or sometimes they don’t want to because of alcoholic habits. Alcohol is a sedative, with heavy drinking can cause the sexual activity to slow down with decreasing the brain’s abilities to sense the sexual incitement occurrence, from the point of an article in the Medical Daily Article.

Family Responsibilities

Family Responsibilities often neglected by the addicted persons in which the heavy-duty activities like caring for oneself get forgotten. The main chores of the house go forgotten, which shifts the responsibilities to one spouse slacking off, and the person who slacks grow aggrieved and angry to do so because of someone else’s irresponsible attitude.

Breakdown of Trust

Breakdown of Trust in spouse can occur if a person struggling with alcoholism because it is hard to trust the addicted person. The heavily drunk person can lie and, even the worst, can steal to sustenance their addiction, which will then result in failing the partner’s expectations and commitments daily. Which will then result in the breaking of trust and spouse don’t feel safe with each other.

Problems in finance

Problems in finance come when in the marriage, any of the spouses is an alcoholic because the addicted person always loses the folks and then only depends on money, which is the main factor to support the habit. In some instances, the alcoholic loses every penny, and then for ongoing the pattern, they depend on the old things, which then later starts selling. The alcoholic often losses the job and work that is in the process. And many times, they steal from their partners or from folks too, affect the relationship and make it hard to go on with the marriage. And then later the marriage end ups in separation.

How Alcohol Ruins Marriages

What happens if both the Spouse are Alcoholic?

A study on alcoholism that has developed by the help of the National Institute in 2013 found that the end of a marriage is more likely if only one spouse is an alcoholic. And if both husband and wife are addicted to alcohol the Medical Daily Article found that the couples are more likely to stay married.

We have seen many great marriages and relationships ending up by the Alcoholism like Gibson and Woods; the most famous example is Brad Pitt’s and Angelina Jolley, which ended because of Brad Pitt Alcoholic habits.

Emotional Confusion

In a marriage, the spouse’s addiction to alcohol can lead to emotional confusion because the people who are addicted to alcohol are unforeseeable. The emotions of alcoholic are never known, you will never realize at the action they get angry or sad and what thing is according to their course. So this creates the pressure, and then the other spouse ends up in drinking to deal with depression and anxiety.

Final Thoughts About How Alcohol Ruins Marriages

A married couple dealing with the disorder due to alcohol usage has some enduring ultimate to their association so, they need to take several steps. Either resolve the alcoholic addiction or deal with the things in a way they are. In a publication by JSAD in 2014, the comparison between AUD struggling divorce and non-AUD divorces. And the foundings were pretty shocking, with half of the troubles are caused by alcohol usage disorder at some point in the lives.

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