Funny Advice About Marriage

Funny Advice About Marriage


People usually think that along with wedding bells, the bells of their responsibilities also ring. Not to lie, they are not wrong. But they aren’t right either. It is always up to you how you want to perceive matters. So, when you are being judgmental about marriages, maybe you need to rethink the way you look at them. People create such a fuss about marriages that they have become monstrous.

Marriages are nothing but the bonding of two people for an eternity. As serious it may seem, if we try to apprehend marriages on a lighter note, it would be much easier. And maybe a lot fewer problems will be encountered by the married couples. Especially in joint families and eastern societies, marriages are a big deal. Parents usually are strict regarding ethics and cultures before marriage. But what is all this for when the bride and groom are about to be together in a few moments or days? The families, the bride, and groom need to take a chill pill and enjoy the journey of getting together.

It is more about celebrating the greater good and not about panicking whether everything will go as planned or not. Here are some funny bits of advice about marriages that can make them entertaining and enjoyable.

So, if you are the bride to be, all you need to do is chill. You don’t have to put on so much make or wear heavy dresses if you don’t want to. Even though it is in the norms and cultures but let’s say it, it is not necessary. Relax, it’s your big day. You can be whatever you want to be. Don’t panic about your beauty either, because if it fades, so will your husband’s eyesight. Panic about the happy memories that you have to make. Also never expect your husband to change for any better. He will be the same little kid for the rest of his life. So, prepare yourself to be his caretaker for the rest of your life.

Brides should have a to-do list that should include what they must learn before marriage. That list would include a lot of compromise, patience, cooking delicious food, and being ready whenever he wants. It will definitely help you live a merrier life.

Also, if you want your husband to do something for you, never ask for it. Rather provoke him indirectly, like tell him that he cannot do it, and then see him in action. Men hate it the most when their egos are hurt, so play safe. And make sure that you have heard your partner-to-be chew and snore before marrying him. Sometimes they are too loud to even be in the same room. If you are confident enough that you can survive, go on! If you are not, buy lots of earbuds. Because if you love him, you have to cope with him. Lastly, just try to keep your ego aside and give him the best food, love will follow, surely.

For the husband-to-be, they usually know that they are the bait in this relationship. Every bachelor’s night/trip is to make them realize that their days are far gone. Not so quick, if you are a smart man, you can always get what you want. First of all, prepare yourself for everything that can happen to you once you are married. Yes, mate! You need every ounce of strength to keep going. Never pay attention to the little details of women before marriage. Because they always change after marriage. This is the time when you need to be attentive. If you fail in remembering the little important things by your first anniversary, you are doomed.

One piece of sincere advice, if you want her love, share her hate! Hate the things, songs, and movies she hates, and you are good to go. If you want to concentrate on your office work, give some of it to your wife, and she will stop complaining. It’s a win-win. The biggest secret to a woman’s heart is the things she loves. Take your wife shopping whenever you can. Buy small meaningful presents for her. And keep her happy. There is nothing else you need for a happy married life.

For families, let your kids enjoy folks! This is the time of their lives. Do not put your nose into their matters and let them take care of each other. Fun advice for both the families – help your children adjust to the incident they have been through. If your son is taking her wife to shop, there is nothing in restricting them. Let them go, you can also ask them to buy something for you as well. The best thing to do is to enjoy their happiness. Watch their favorite movies. And make them comfortable around you. You are too old to be rigid. Be cool and happy.

For newly-weds, this is your time to know each other. And this is the time when you can scream and run around the house. The other person won’t intervene because he/she is too naïve to do so. The three magical words for you are ‘let’s go out.’ Because let’s face it, two or three years forward, this won’t happen as frequently as it can happen now. And even if you are married, you can be best friends. Being best friends is the best solution for long-term engagement.
So, taking it easy always works out. You only need to focus on your responsibilities and things as a partner. Like, hate the same things, watch the same sort of movies, and never fail to point something funny out to each other. These are the little cute things that count. Other important things to do with each other include appreciating the other person now and then. For the husbands, all you need to do is keep your wife happy and full of clothes. And dear wives, just be sure that your husband gets something nice to eat. Oh, and never laugh at their choices.’ because these choices include you. Keep them happy and stay happy.

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