Communication Problems in Marriage

Lack of Communication in Marriages

We write about the marriages for a purpose. The reason is that people should save their relationships by solving the minor and major problems. Another problem that we often listen to is the lack of communication in marriages.

Communication is a major problem for the failure of many marriages. We think more, communicate less and are leading our relationships towards destruction. You can simply say that effective communication is the base of a strong relationship or marriage.

Many marriage consultants still believe that many marriages can still be saved if couples improve their way of communication. Have a look at the following communication problems.

Communication Problems in a Marriage

  • Yelling at your Partner:

    It’s a human nature that when are angry we start raising our voice. Your anger can create some serious frustration in case of your marriage relationship. Usually, when we have no other option or answers to the questions, we start yelling at our partner.

    It may release your tension but can ruin your married life. We know it’s a way to express your emotion but when you speak loud with your partner other is often frightened.
    Most of the marriages are in problem due to the factor that husbands and wives are not friendly with each other.

  • Not Listening to Each Other :

    When you will not listen to each other, your problems of communication will remain there forever. That is also the biggest problem in communication that we are not willing to understand other’s point of view. This habit is also destructive for your marriage life and is a big problem too.

  • Not Thinking Before Speaking:

    We have already discussed that behind many problems, the reason is your anger and frustration. So, when you are angry you never think about what you are speaking. Elders always advise that “always think before speaking”.
    Your harsh words are more dangerous than a sword. Even you are willing to compromise at some stage but it is almost impossible to forget the harsh words that were ever said during a serious discussion.

  • Bad Non-Verbal Communication:

    In some relationships, non-verbal communication is very important. So, bad and negative nonverbal communication between husband and wife are also destroying our marriages.
    Giving tough, rude expressions can cause some serious damage. Although it looks like a minor problem, in the long run, these minor problems can become bigger.

    Communication problems in marriage
    • Blaming Each Other:

      Only the great people have the attitude to accept their mistakes. Even that is the reason behind the success of many people that they accept their mistakes and also learn from them.

      If you are playing the blame game in your marriage than it would not work for sure. In many cases of marriages, husbands and wives blame each other for all the problems. While no one is willing to accept their mistakes.

      Pointing the fingers at your partner will never fix your communication problems for sure. When you are married you both have equal responsibility for everything. In case of miscommunication or any mistake people starting blaming their spouse.

    • Unable to Forget the Past:

      When you are not willing to forget your past, you can never move forward. In most marriages, people do not communicate because they are not willing to forget the past of their partner.

      In some cases, the scenario can be that your partner has used some harsh words with you in the past and you have stopped communicating with each other on this cause. This is obviously a losing strategy in the case of communication in marriages.

    • Not Listening to Understand:

      In our relationships including marriages, most of the difference between people are caused because we don’t listen to understand. We never listen to understand the other’s point. Especially in the case of your marriages and relationship, this approach is the reason for bad communication.

    • Degrading your Partner:

      Being a marriage consultant, I have seen many cases in which married couples do not communicate with each other.
      Sometimes the reason is that either husband or wife degrades each other.

      When you will degrade your partner, your communication will be very poor or even can end as well. Most of married degrade each other using different taunts that are often seen between couples having a lack of communication between them.

      In some marriage cases, communication problems are also caused when you are unable to give some compliments to your partner.

    • Thinking About your Point of View Only:

      Communication problems in marriages can also occur when you think about your point of view only. It also happens when you think only you are right and others are wrong.
      When there is a dispute between two people than a judge or third person can solve your dispute.
      Many time we think that we are on the right way but according to others, we are doing something wrong.

    How to Fix and Improve Communication Problems in a Marriage

    How to fix and improve communication Problems in a marriage

    We have discussed some communication problem in marriages. Now the challenge is how to fix communication problems in a marriage.
    For every problem, there is always a solution too. You just need to identify the problems and their causes. So, you can find its best solution.

    Here are some tips to solve communication problems in a marriage. If you want effective communication in marriage these tips are helpful too.

    How to Communicate With Spouse – Solve Communication Problems in Marriage.

    • Stay Calm While Discussion:

      While discussing some important points just stay calm and control your anger. Remember better communication will lead to better relationships and marriage. This point plays an important role if you want to fix your communication in a marriage.

      In this way, you will have effective communication and can also understand each other’s point of view. When you are angry you cannot even present the true facts. You should better know how to communicate with your spouse.

    • Avoid Reading Other’s Mind:

      Avoid reading the mind of your partner and also stop assuming the things from your own. It’s very weird when anyone claims “I know what you are thinking right now”

    • Use Word “We” instead of “You”:

      While having some important discussions, do not use the word “You” but use “we”. In this way, you can have effective communication.

    • Listen to Others Without Being Defensive:

      Most of us listen to defend ourselves that is causing serious troubles in marriages. You should understand that anyone could be wrong at any point. It should not be you that is going to decide who at the right path.

      For effective communication in a marriage, you should admit your fault and mistakes. If you are always defensive in your communication it cannot happen.

      Lack of communication in marriages is also caused when you are not willing to understand the feelings and points of your partner.

    • Have Frequent Discussions:

      Most of the couples talk less and that problem is known as “Lack of communication in marriage”. Have communication frequently on a daily basis. Discuss your daily problems and their possible solutions. This is the key to effective communication in a marriage.

    • Express the Positive Feelings:

      For a better and effective communication in a marriage, always express the positive feeling with your spouse. Try to admire your partner and most of the problems would be solved. But remember just try to share positive feelings and sentiments.

      In this way, your partner will be comfortable with you and you can enjoy effective communication in the marriage too.

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