Characteristics of a Good, Happy and Successful Marriage

Some Traits and Characteristics of a Successful Marriage

“And they lived happily ever after”, how many times have you heard this in a movie? Once, twice, all the time? Media showcases marriages as a picture-perfect tale of beauties and bounties. Real-life stories are never that easy. The path to a successful marriage can be rough in reality. Most marriages succumb to a horrendous roller coaster life that has its ups and downs along the way. Successful marriages demand several essential elements that require lots of hard work and relentless efforts. These efforts, when persistent from both sides, lead to a perfect marriage.

It is often assumed that a happy couple means looking good together, being the perfect fit, helping each other in chores. In reality, these attributes are just one of the many factors contributing to a successful marriage. To make your bond worth it, you must keep in mind the following essential characteristics that can help you reach a thriving place in your relationship:

Essential Characteristics of a successful marriage:

Every marriage has its negative side, and all couples go through conflicts in their relationship. These conflicts can be frustrating but they should never become the reality of your lives. To ace your marital relationship, you need to know that there are some fundamental traits, highly critical to a happy married relationship. Let us walk you through eleven must to know characteristics that depicts the qualities of a perfectly healthy married relationship:

  • They are happier together: The notion of being happy is often termed as smiling together in public. Holding holds, posting a happy selfie is not enough to prove happiness. Happy couples enjoy laughter, joy, and intimacy together. Their love and affection are prominent in their lives. They are delighted to be around each other every single day. Couples that stay happy around each other instead of being cranky and annoyed are more compatible with each other, with increased chances of a successful marriage.
  • They are the best support to each other: A pair in wedlock is like two paddles of a boat. One deviates, and the boat loses control. If both the paddles synchronize together, they can make the boat reach its ultimate destination. To be less symbolic, let us say that the partners in a marriage should always hold each other’s back. Supportive couples are always more in love, and their bond grows robust over time.
  • They are best friends: You should never fear or lie to your partner. Marriage requires a bond so strong that it allows the two people to be not just lovers but best friends. Best friends who share everything, love unconditionally and have fun with each other on every date. The bond of friendship deteriorates over time but keeping it alive by showing constant love can make your marriage more beautiful.
  • They talk and resolve disputes: One of the fundamental characteristics of a successful marriage is the ability to negotiate. Keeping disputes in your heart can lead to an overbearing pile of emotions that sometimes can be cumbersome. On the contrary, one can save their relationship if they speak openly about anger, frustration, or other relationship problems. They try to resolve your issues in your connection as soon as you figure them out.
  • They know when something’s off: When you love someone, you can read their emotions. It is not telepathy or some voodoo magic, and it is just pure feelings. Happily married individuals will know when their spouse is unhappy. If the relationship takes a hard turn, they know when to stop and turn it the other way round. Standing in each other’s shoes is one of the essential characteristics of a successful marriage.
  • They plan the future together: Many people plan their future according to their desires and ambitions. However, when in a marriage, you plan your future together. Successful couples try to discuss their jobs, postings, children and even work distribution for the future. If someone is not thinking much about the future, most chances are that they indeed are not serious about the relationship in the first place.
  • They never break each other’s trust: Trust is the critical component to a healthy relationship. Imagine your marriage as a lock with its key lying in your honesty. If you lose the key, the lock remains closed forever. Happily married partners are never seen breaking each other’s trust. Infidelity lies, cheating, or bluffing can create a lot of turbulence in your relationship. On the other hand, honesty, patience, and trustfulness can add more spark to your marriage.
  • They respect and appreciate: Most people believe that love is the essential aspect of a relationship. We believe that respecting someone is the centre of attraction to a successful marriage. A lot of people can fall in love with you but change their interests over time. But someone who truly respects you can be a complete support system for eternity. They become the most appreciative person in each other’s lives and add a little praise and lots of respect for each other every day.
  • They forgive and apologize: One of the most apparent signs of a healthy marriage is their ability to forgive and apologize. It is okay to make mistakes and learn from them. After all, who doesn’t make mistakes? When both spouses understand that they are essential to each other, they know apologizing for an error will not make them smaller. Similarly, forgiving the person you love the most is relatively easy for people truly in love with each other. Being able to seek forgiveness and being able to forgive are two essential ingredients to a successful relationship.
  • They don’t fear commitments: We all have met one or more partners in life who fear commitment. They make you feel bad about wanting a permanent relationship, calling it too fast for their relationship. This is clearly a “danger alert” situation. Spouses who are sure about each other will never fear committing. In anything, a sincere partner will always be willing to add you to their life.
  • They keep the love alive: There are people fifty years into marriage but still head over heels in love with one another. Today, one year, married couples separate because they believe their love is fading. Older people were so close to each other because of their passion that persisted for their entire lives. They valued the bond that they had and cherished the existence of each other. Their partner was not merely an option to them. Instead, they considered their spouse a soulmate and a life partner.

To sum it up, blissful marriages are created by promises, commitment, love, and consistency. You need to put in all your effort to build this unbreakable shelter of togetherness and dwell together to leave a happy, joyful life to relish a successful marriage with your loved one.

Instead of fighting over little things and doubting each other’s decisions, try to get rid of all grudges and remember that you two are worth being together. Make amends, love unconditionally, and be honest. All these attributes will lead you to a prosperous concoction of a happily married relationship.

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