Big Meech Net Worth

Big Meech Net worth:

According to, Big Meech is a U.S. inmate who had a peak net worth of $100 Million.

Demetrius Edward Flenory “Big Meech” is an American convicted drug dealer, businessman, and entrepreneur who became one of the most influential people in the U.S cocaine trade, with an estimated net worth of 100 million$. Many law enforcement agencies have labelled him “The Boss” of BMF (The Black Mafia Family).

Big Meech was found guilty of charges of drug trafficking and money laundering. He received imprisonment for 30 years when he was arrested back in 2005 along with his brother Terry.

He was 37 years old when he got caught. Meech’s sentence was recently reduced to 3 years on June 14 2021, by United States District Judge David M Lawson due to the changing sentencing guidelines since he was convicted. His prison sentence was reduced under the USSG amendments 782 and 788, which revised all the drug offences before November 2014. Now he will be serving 324 months as opposed to his original 360-month sentence.

Early Stages of Life

Big Meech was born in Detroit, Michigan, on June 21, 1968. His family was in a grave financial crisis when he was born. Even though they were not rich or well off -Meech managed to get through it all because he had strong willpower, which helped him deal with overcoming any obstacle put before themselves by fate and destiny.

Two brothers, Demetrius and Terry, started selling drugs on the streets to make money.

Soon, they expanded their cocaine business in different cities, such as Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio and Tennessee.

Big Meech Net Worth and Career

The drug trafficking and money laundering organization, The Black Mafia Family, was founded in 1989 by Demetrius, Big Meech. He started distributing sales of cocaine throughout the U.S with his brother Terry around 2000-2001. A few years later, they came on board as co-founders.

The Black Mafia Family was an influential gang in America, operating from 2 main clubs; one in Atlanta and another near Los Angeles.

In the early 2000s, Demetrius started to launder money by establishing BMF Entertainment which served as a front organization for his drug dealing business and another way to launder money from selling cocaine rocks on Craigslist.

BMF Entertainment was one of the most successful hip-hop promotions companies in America, with big names like Young Jeezy and Fabolous on their resume.

The DEA targeted the Flenory brothers in 2005, and Demetrius quickly became one of their most wanted criminals. He took advantage of this fame to create a lavish lifestyle, from expensive cars to home decor items marketed at celebrities like Paris Hilton.

DEA (the Drug Enforcement Administration) eventually caught the two oldest sons. During their raid on BMF, DEA seized $3 Million in cash and assets, 2.5 kg of cocaine and multiple weapons.

Big Meech’s Personal Life

Reports claim that Big Meech is a married man. His wife launched a lighter jail sentence petition after Demetrius was arrested. Even with many alleged children, Lil is the only confirmed child of Big Meech. Still, we don’t have enough information on his private life.

Are his parents alive?

His father, Demetrius Flenory Sr. and mother, Latarra Eutsey, are dead.

Is Big Meech’s brother alive?

Terry “Southwest”, the brother of Big Meech, died due to a gunshot after he got out of jail on May 5 2020.


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