Big Meech Net Worth

Net Worth Of Big Meech 

Big Meech is an American convicted drug dealer who became one of the most influential people in the U.S cocaine trade with a net worth estimated at $100 million dollars as 2019 goes by- he has been labeled “the boss” by many within law enforcement agencies across different states due to his leadership qualities!

Big Meech, a 35 year-old man from the Bronx was found guilty in charge of drug trafficking and money laundering. He received imprisonment for 30 years when he was arrested back in 2005.

Meech’s sentence was recently reduced to three years on Monday (June 14) by the U. S., District Judge David M. He will be released in 2028 and can now resume his life without parole eligibility after only six months behind bars!

Demetrius Flenory, born on June 21st 1968 in Michigan. He is a drug dealer and criminal with an estimated net worth of $100 million dollars which he has accumulated through years spent in crime throughout the United States. 

Dem dreads his real name because it’s too hard to say so most people just call him “Dread”.

Early Stages Of Life

Big Meech was born on June 21st, 1968 in Michigan. He grew up with many issues due to the poor condition his family life was living in at that time period. Even though they were not rich or well off -Meeks managed to get through it all because he had a strong will power which helped him deal with overcoming any obstacle put before themselves by fate and destiny.

Two brothers, Demetrius and Kevin started selling drugs on the streets to make money. They were soon joined by their younger sibling because he wanted in too! 

Now all four are locked up after getting mixed up with traffickers who sell larger amounts of cocaine; two dropped out of high school for this career path while another became involved at an early age – much like garbage men can’t pick things up without a belt or hands-only job responsibility.

Big Meech Net Worth & Career

The drug trafficking and money laundering organization, The Black Mafia Family was founded in 1989 by Demetrius. He started distributing sales of cocaine throughout the U.S with his brother Terry around 2000-2001. A few years later they came on board as co-founders.

The Black Mafia Family was an influential gang in America, operating from 2 main clubs; one located at Atlanta and another near Los Angeles.

In the early 2000s, Demetrius entered into hip hop with an alias. He began by starting BMF Entertainment which served as both a front organization for his drug dealing business and another way to launder money from selling cocaine rocks on Craigslist.

BMF Entertainment is one of the most successful hip hop promotions companies in America, with big names like Young Jeezy and Fabolous on their resume.

The DEA targeted the Flenory brothers in 2005, and Demetrius quickly became one of their most wanted criminals. He took advantage of this fame to create a lavish lifestyle for himself with everything from expensive cars to home decor items marketed at celebrities like Paris Hilton.

The two oldest sons were eventually caught by law enforcement after years on bail or court ordered supervision despite being rich enough not only to buy themselves freedom but also eliminate any competition before they could get anywhere near what he had achieved.

When they were proven guilty, the two men who led this drug trafficking organization got thirty years in prison. Their sentences weren’t finished yet though; after being locked up for so long with no information coming out about what was happening while you’re gone – it’s time we get on top of things!

The administration continues investigating and plans to take over 1000 members down before it’s too late.

Big Meech Personal Life

Reports claim that Big Meech is a married man. His wife launched a lighter jail sentence petition after Demetrius was arrested, but we don’t have enough information on his private life as it stands now to substantiate these claims with evidence or denial from other sources.

The day before he was to be released from prison, 10 years earlier than expected due a COVID-19 pandemic that had blanketed the nation. His family tried getting back at him by reporting his connection with Demetrius but it didn’t work out as they planned because this morning law enforcement agents arrested both men inside an Memphis motel room where heroin and guns were found among other things.”

Meech was finally released from prison on June 14, 2021 after his U.S District Court granted him compassionate release during the pandemic. He will be eligible for parole in 2028 instead of November 25th 1931 when he would have been set free had it not been delayed by an additional 360 months at Sheridan Federal Correctional Institute.


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