Best Relationship Advice by Psychologist James Bauer

Best Relationship Advice by “Psychologist James Bauer”

The best relationship advice is one that makes two people love with passion. However, relationship advice can be different according to the person. Every mind in the world is different. Something important to you may not feel as important to other people.

So, it is difficult to gift relationship advice if you don’t know the psychology of the people. However, there is a psychological rule that applies to nearly all people. If you want to make your loved one completely mad over you then you need to know some things about psychology.

Psychological Facts

There are many psychological facts that may help you to win your love over and over again. However, a few important ones are listed below.

  • Opposite Gender Attraction
  • Everyone loves Compliments
  • Smile Makes Things Less Complicated
  • Understanding
  • Instincts

Opposite Gender Attraction

You need to know that the opposite gender attracts each other in most cases. So, if you like someone treats them with your presence and he will surely attract you unless he/she likes someone else. More specific you need to dress and show your charm to the one that you love to make him more attracted to you.

Men Like To Chase

Just like lions like to chase their meal, men also like to chase their women. So, after attracting your man let him chase you. The goal is to not hand yourself to you. You need to make him chase you. However, do not give him too big of a challenge because even a lion leave their prey if they think that it is not in their reach. So, be in reach but make it hard.

His Secret Obsession


Everyone likes to be complimented it is in our nature that we like to be complimented. So, first, know his likes and dislikes and after knowing him you can complement his choices, his liking as so on. Keep in mind that if you compliment him/her too much he will know that you are faking it. So, be original do not pretend to be someone else. You want to make him love you not someone else.

Smile More

The result of many studies has concluded that a smile can even make painless. So, you can make everything interesting and fun with a smile. So, have a positive and smiling attitude around your love and he will notice you for sure. A positive attitude attracts many people so, you can start with your positivity.


Understanding is the key to any relationship. So, if you already know him and he/she is your boyfriend or girlfriend then you need to really know him/her. Not the way that everybody knows him/her. You need to unlock the real thing hidden inside your girl/man.


Instincts are the things that are in the Unconscious mind. You do something without thinking about it so, it is our natural way to adapt to our surroundings. Man and women have different instincts. Man likes things that women may not like. So, if you want to make a man love you, you need to know his instinct.

A book by James Bauer explains the hero instinct of the man. He starts off his book with the natural instinct of man. He explains this as everyman needs to show that he is the boss around things and he needs someone to praise him. He loves to provide his girl with the things she likes.

In addition to instinct, there are many psychological things described in the book “His Secret Obsession” written by James Bauer. If you want to know more psychological facts and make your man love you the most then you can grab yourself the book and unlock the secrets of man’s mind.

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