Camille Clarke

Camille Clarke is a divorce attorney in Texas with more than 10 years to experience. Within these years she has helped many couples. She deals with the issues related to divorce and other marriages related issues. Writing and researching related to marriage and divorce effects is her passion.

Negative Effects of Divorce on Children

With passing time, the divorce ratio is increasing. There is a massive shift in the worldwide rate of divorce within the last decade. Couples now don’t get legally bound, and they file divorced against each other. This separation can become highly problematic for their children. Children become depressed, introvert, and they start having problems in socializing.

Signs your Husband Wants a Divorce

Marriages are very sensitive relations, and the bond, very fragile. All around the world, where there are plenty of examples of successful marriages, failed marriages with divorce aren’t rare either. In most cases, it becomes hard to tell when your husband wants a divorce. He will give you signs, some evident, others are hidden, but the message will be there; “I won’t divorce.”